10 free programs to create and edit videos

On the internet you can find many free video editing software that have little to envy to the numerous paid alternatives

There comes a time in life when we need to edit a video. And that's where the trouble starts, especially if we're looking for a semi-professionalĀ andĀ free software to create or edit one of our cherished movies. And maybe even easy to use. What can we do?

The shortest way out is to ask for help from some expert friend, one of those who has been passionately editing his sister's wedding or making video clips for YouTube for years. We will avoid in this way also the hassle of staying hours and hours in front of the PC. Or alternatively we can rely on the internet, where, as is known, you can find a large number of semi-professional video editing programs without spending a single penny. Easy? Not always. Precisely because the offer is wide, the risk of coming across solutions that do not fully satisfy our "desires" is very high. In fact, it is likely that we will end up installing and uninstalling dozens of programs before finding the right one.


Let's start with the first free video editing software: Lightworks. It is a professional program in its own right. Can't believe it? If you do a quick search online, you'll find that Lightworks has been used in Hollywood to edit some famous movies. Although it takes a while to get the most out of it, Lightworks is one of the best solutions you can find. The basic version of the video editing program, despite being free, is rich in features: with Lightworks you'll be able to, for example, add numerous effects or change the color of the clips you want to edit. Lightworks runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.

VideoPad Video Editor

Are you a beginner? Then the advice is to try VideoPad Video Editor. Unlike the previous program, the main feature of VideoPad Video Editor is, in fact, ease of use. This does not mean that the software does not do its job well. Far from it. Although it doesn't have many of the advanced features found in other video editing programs, VideoPad Video Editor still includes numerous tools to create or edit videos. You can add transitions, effects and import the footage to be edited either from your computer's memory or directly from your camera.


Another program that is very easy to use is Avidemux. It is a free video editing software for those who are not too demanding. Avidemux is ideal, in fact, to carry out small edits. The program's main feature is that it lets you edit your clips very quickly. Avidemux, however, includes most of the basic video editing features and is also very lightweight (recommended for those who have a device with limited technical features). One flaw? Difficult to find all the features of the program.


A very complete program and similar to Lightworks is Shotcut, with the difference that graphically it looks much more complicated. The video editing software, born for the open-source Linux platform, has nothing to envy to the best paid programs. The only flaw is that to learn how to use it takes a little time. But once you've overcome this "learning" phase, the results will be assured.

VSDC Free Video Editor

If you love effects, you'll want to download VSDC Free Video Editor. The program stands out, compared to the software presented so far, especially for the wide range of effects and filters available. The video editing software presents itself with a very simple graphic look and includes a number of advanced features that are useful to be used in a professional environment. The main feature is the work bar that, unlike most editing programs, is not linear. Users can, in fact, insert and edit clips in any position.

Windows Movie Maker

Although it seems to have disappeared from the radar, Microsoft's editing program represents a good alternative for those who don't look for too much. With Windows Movie Maker you can make and edit numerous video formats. The software offers the possibility of adding effects, transitions, texts to the clips and much more. One of the strengths of Windows Movie Maker is its immediate and simple graphics. The video editing software is, in fact, easy to use. The Redmond tool is also useful in creating videos for many online platforms such as YouTube.


This program needs no introduction. It is Apple's video editing software and one of the best free tools. iMovie is also very easy to use. It has clear and attractive graphics. Above all, it is packed with features that allow you to create and edit clips with ease. With iMovie, you can add audio effects to your imported material. The program, like Windows Movie Maker, lets you save videos in different formats. In the latest version there is a feature that allows the software to import clips from different devices, such as smartphones and action cams, at 4K resolution.

Black Magic

Black Magic is one of the best and most complete programs for those who need to edit especially the color of images, so much so that it is often used by major film studios. The basic version contains numerous features that go beyond photo correction. Being a professional editing software, Black Magic requires some time before being "understood" in its fullness. But one thing is clear: once you understand how it works, you'll have in your hands a powerful and above all free tool.


In this roundup of free video editing programs we couldn't miss Blender. Unlike all the other software illustrated so far, Blender is a software to be used mainly in 3D animation. The program allows you to create videos and edit them, adding a variety of graphic effects to the clips in the timeline. You can also combine animations with video clips of real images. The imported material can be corrected thanks to the numerous editing features included in the program.


Let's close with HitFilm, another excellent program that is also suitable for use in the professional field. The free version of the software includes many of the features found in HitFilm Pro (which costs about 300 euros). The program allows you to create and edit video clips and make complex compositions by adding one of many effects. HitFilm is also useful for handling 3D videos and correcting image color.