10 gadgets that creative people should always have with them

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Here's a list of the technological tools you must have to express your skills

Today's world is plagued by a question: do technological innovations stimulate our creativity or do they dull it? The answer is not simple but surely depends on our interaction with technology. Let's take a look at the 10 devices that we can't not have if we consider ourselves creative.

The very first object to always have available is a notebook or a tablet. The laptop nowadays is a virtually indispensable device for anyone. From the youngest students to college graduates, from the unemployed to the business manager. If we focus a lot on portability and weight obviously a tablet is more recommended, and based on our work and actual use we will have to consider the expense. If we're going to use tablets and notebooks for meetings, conferences and important presentations, or for graphics work and the like, we'll obviously have to go for a top of the line device. If, on the other hand, we're going to use these devices for writing, drawing and giving vent to our creativity without constraints, even cheaper devices will suffice.


The smartphone will not be included in this list, also because it is now an object that everyone owns and not only people who want to aim to give free rein to their creativity. The smartphone camera has made great strides, but it can't always be enough. That's why it is advisable to have a small digital camera always with us. They have manual settings that will help us take perfect photos, especially if we are fans or at least a minimum connoisseur of photography. This is the best solution to immortalize the unique moments of our lives.

Instant Camera

We live in the world of instant sharing. In this sense must be understood the return of flame for instant cameras, or rather those that print the photo just after shooting. Devices that after disappearing for a few years are back in fashion and now there are several models a bit 'for all budgets. The charm of having a "paper" photo is undoubtedly superior to a digital shot. Although the quality will be lower. They are very fun tools especially when traveling.

Memory card readers

Photos, documents, videos and various information. Nowadays it is impossible to think of recording all our files in one go. That's why memory card readers are very practical and popular. Besides, they are compatible with almost all types of SD cards and can be connected to phones, computers and tablets. What's more, they cost relatively little and can be transported with practically no hassle, given their size and light weight.

USB Flash Drive

As well as card readers, USB flash drives are also essential. These storage systems will avoid saturating the memory of our various devices in a short time. We will need them especially if we work with photos, but also with video editing or graphics. Obviously we can also use the cloud to save our work, but with USB sticks or an external hard drive every file will always be at hand even without a connection.

Bluetooth Mouse

Using the notebook with a touchpad is not impossible, but not everyone likes it. In these cases we can turn to the good old mouse, but better in its most modern version, the wireless one. A Bluetooth mouse takes up very little space in the bag and can also fit in the briefcase used to transport the computer. There are an infinite number of models, with various prices and functions. There are also those for programmers, with trackballs, which are less tiring on the wrist and give a more comfortable user experience.

Bluetooth Headphones

Moving in the open air and listening to music is a winning mix, to motivate or relax. To do this, the right device is wireless headphones that don't restrict our movements. Of course, in many cases the quality is lower, especially in the cheaper models, if compared to that of the classic wired headphones. And every now and then we have to remember to recharge them. But they are very comfortable and there are models even under 50 euros.

Portable charger

The smartphone, as mentioned, will not be part of this list, but the portable charger yes. These are devices used to charge various electronic items. If we like to read, have fun or work outdoors they are also essential. Using smartphone and notebook apps, in fact, drastically decreases the life of our battery and with a portable charger we will solve every problem. Also in this case we talk about a device with various models and suitable for all budgets. They are also increasingly small and practical to carry around.

Cable Organizer

Devices are becoming increasingly wireless, but most also have several connectors that work via cable. The risk then is to live swamped by the various cables, to get them confused or even worse, to lose them. How to do it? Simple, just buy a small bag to manage our kit of cables. There are models of bags with hooks for cables for all budgets, from twenty up to 300 euros. Or we can create one ourselves. Just reuse an old briefcase or backpack and create hooks or clips for the cables and maybe label them by model or brand.


Between smartphones, tablets, notebooks and cameras the cables will not be the only problem. We will also need a USB Hub to manage all the USB connections of our devices. On various e-commerce you can find different offers and the price usually depends on the number of ports available and the type of USB supported. With 10-15 euros, however, we can find basic models with more than 4 ports available.