11 iPhone gesture commands that no one knows

There are several "shortcuts" on the iPhone that can simplify many actions, such as email drafts or scrolling through albums

Nowadays, speed is everything. That's why many users get nervous when they lose time to perform an action with their smartphone. Luckily, there are several gesture commands and shortcuts on iPhone that we can use to send quick messages, make calls, and do much more.

Let's start from the basics: what are gestures? They are "shortcuts" that allow us to save time and make better use of the smartphone's features. They basically allow us to perform an action with one click instead of three or four touches. Let's start with a quick command that those who work with the iPhone will really appreciate. How to save an email in drafts without making too many turns? Simple, just swipe down the screen and the conversation will be saved. We can always view the draft in the lower part of our screen. After we've done what we were interested in, we can go back to the email by clicking at the bottom of the display.

On iPhone you can of course save multiple drafts in the Mail app. To view all your drafts just hold down the compose new message button located in the bottom right corner.

Photo thumbnails

When viewing a photo on the iPhone's internal screen, there's no need to press the back button to return to the gallery thumbnails. Just swipe down from the center of the photo and the image will shrink back to the thumbnail page. When we want to select multiple photos, to share or delete them, however, we don't need to click on all the images. Just drag your finger over the thumbnails to add them to the selection. A bit like we do with the left mouse button pressed on the computer for multiple selection.

Another convenient gesture to use on the iPhone concerns scrolling through albums. If we want to review photos from a long time ago and we don't want to scroll through all the thumbnails, just press a finger on the bottom of the screen and we will automatically be redirected to the first photo in the album. Same for going back to the last photos in the collection, just click on the top of the screen and you're done. What to do instead in case of photo open on messaging app like WhatsApp? Simple, to return to the conversation you do not need to press the Back button, but just scroll down on the photo and return to display the main screen. Finally, a tip for zooming videos. Many use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out of a movie. In reality, videos also support two-finger zoom just like photos. So just pinch inwards to zoom out and outwards to zoom in.

Calendar shortcuts

Those who have a calendar full of appointments know that they can change or skip at the last minute. To update our calendar, there's no need to go back into the calendar app each time and manually edit events. Just go into the calendar, take the postponed appointment and drag it to the new date. This way, you don't have to delete and then recreate the same event.

Gesture Calculator

When using the calculator on the iPhone, it can happen that you miss a digit. However, there is no need to press the C button to clear the whole number. Just go to the last digit you entered and slide your finger to the right from there. In this way we will delete number by number, without wasting too much time in case of a job with very large digits.

Shortcuts for Safari

When you start scrolling down in a web page on Safari the address bar, which is located at the top, and the toolbar disappear to give more space for reading. To find these functions again there is no need to scroll up, just press at the bottom of the screen to display them again. Besides, when we open Safari we just have to tap on the bottom right to open a section with all the recently viewed pages. This is the fastest technique to find a recently visited site.