117 new emoji you can use on the iPhone: what they look like

Emojipedia has announced a set of 117 emoticons that will debut in the coming months: here's what they will be

Emoji are increasingly important in digital communication: they are used to wish a happy birthday, to apologize, to convey happiness, sadness and other moods. Over time, a wide range of symbols have been introduced: at first, emoticons represented simple smiling or sad faces.

Objects, animals, flags, foods and symbols of all kinds have arrived over time. Every year new emoticons are added to enrich the database. And also for 2020 Unicode Consortium has announced the list of 117 new emoji that you can soon use in all smartphones, including iPhones. There will be 62 symbols, including objects, animals, people, in addition to 55 variations of gender and skin tones, as well as inclusive symbols to be used as an alternative to the basic ones. This is the Unicode 13 version that will likely arrive this fall with the iOS 14 rollout. The update comes just a year after the approval of Unicode 12 designed for iOS 13.2.

New emoji for iPhone 2020: focus on inclusivity

Emojipedia has published the new list of emoji that will be released on Apple systems. This year the focus is on inclusivity: in addition to Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, defined as Mx Claus, also makes an appearance. Also making an appearance is the symbol of a man wearing a wedding dress, as well as the woman who is instead represented with a tuxedo.

In addition to these, users will also be able to send men and women nursing a baby with a bottle: there will be a total of three such emoji, in fact, in addition to the man and the woman, there will be the "person". Unicode 13 is therefore also aiming at no-gender. Also arrives the symbol and flag of the transgender movement.

Emoji 2020: animals and other categories

In the new list of symbols also arrive two new faces, one is a smiling face with a tear and the other is a masked face with a mustache and glasses. Three new emoji for body parts also arrive: anatomical heart, lungs and a hand joining fingers. Staying in the people category also comes the ninja.

As every year, new opportunities arrive for those who love to share animals: finally the black cat appears, but also some insects, such as cockroach, fly, worm and beetle. Some rarer animals also appear: bison, beaver, polar bear, dodo and mammoth.

As for the clothing category, flip-flops and military helmet have been included; while for musical instruments there will be accordion and drum.

New emoticons: food and home categories

Symbols representing foods of all kinds have invaded smartphones, so they couldn't be missed in the new list that includes blueberries, peppers, olives, focaccia but also fondue and bubble tea.

As for the home category, a vase containing a plant is added to the list, but also a magic wand, a sewing needle, a teapot, a piñata, but also a mirror, a window, a toothbrush and a mousetrap.

The emoji are really many: in addition to those listed there are also a tombstone, a feather, a screwdriver and so on. Apple will probably integrate the new set within the iOS updates for iPhone and iPad.