$1500 Xiaomi, CEO Lei Jun to followers: “Would you buy it?”

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, launches a survey among his followers on Weibo. The question: "Would you buy one of our smartphones that costs 1500 euros?"

A smartphone signed Xiaomi from 1500 dollars: how many would be willing to buy it? If the Chinese manufacturer has been able to become one of the leading names in the most competitively priced market segment over the years, now the time could be ripe for a change of course to aim higher.

The shift from the low-budget phone category to the most expensive models in the industry is a process that seems to be already characterizing Xiaomi's recent history. In the last year alone, the company has chosen to launch a top-of-the-line model on the market, as top in features as it is in price. Touching the peak of 1000 euros in its richest configuration, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra has placed itself rightfully among the high-end models, going to compete with the alternatives of the most emblazoned brands in the industry. The case has certainly not gone unnoticed in the eyes of fans of the company's products, but everything suggests that it was not an isolated case but a trend in the making: here's why.

Xiaomi from 1500, the clue launched by Lei Jun

To test the territory on the possible willingness of the public passionate about the brand on the purchase of a phone well beyond the range of usual prices of the brand was Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi. Through a post shared on the social Weibo launched a very specific question to the followers of the brand. In the question, Jun explicitly asked users, "If Xiaomi launched a high-end smartphone worth 10,000 yuan (about $1,500), would you buy it?"

"If we wanted to make a high-end smartphone with a price tag above 10,000 yuan, what would it look like?", then added the CEO, hinting that Xiaomi's intention would be precisely to face the last slice of the market still not fully explored by the company, obviously with technical features that can support the choice of a price increase of that level. The thought immediately turned to the model that could make the debut, that is precisely the first foldable smartphone from Xiaomi, in the works for some time already.

Xiaomi from 1500, high-end launch on the agenda?

Lei Jun did not add anything else to his post, other than postponing the appointment to the eve of the Chinese New Year, a date that coincides with the next February 7, with an event in which Xiaomi could finally unveil some more information and, why not, also drop on the table some new ace still up his sleeve. It wouldn't be surprising at all if, just during the speech, the CEO would let out some hints about the projects for the new top of the range, thus giving a strong signal about the plans for the future of the company.

Xiaomi: are low-cost smartphones the past?

That the Chinese company has begun a transition to establish itself in the smartphone market seems clear. Its evolution from low-cost smartphones to top-of-the-line models now seems to be unstoppable, but as with any step forward it's sometimes worth looking back at its beginnings. Its low-cost models now also feature the Poco and Redmi brands, which are always part of the Chinese company. Se non siete tra coloro disposti a spendere 1500 dollari per uno Xiaomi, ma volete provare il brand, ecco alcuni dei suoi smartphone lowcost del marchio Xiaomi Poco e Xiaomi Redmi da provare:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 9C Smartphone in vendita a 130 euro su Amazon
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9 Smartphone in vendita a 119 euro su Amazon
  • Xiaomi Redmi 8 Smartphone in vendita a 150 euro su Amazon
  • Xiaomi Poco M3 – Smartphone in vendita a 160 euro su Amazon

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