157 emoji coming soon: there are also superheroes and the unicorn

Unicode Consortium has released the new 157 emoji that will debut on messaging apps from August-September 2018

Unicode Consortium, the organization that "manages" the creation of emoticons, has announced 157 new smilies that we will see from the middle of next year on all major instant messaging apps: from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger.

After months of work, Unicode developers have chosen which emoticons to add to their system. In most cases, these are emoticons created behind the suggestion of users who can send their ideas directly to the organization. Among the new emoji, users will find smilies with red hair and with white hair, a new emoticon with lots of little hearts, one dedicated to suffocating heat and one to freezing cold. But that's not all. Among the 157 emoticons there will be some dedicated to superheroes, cartoon villains and even unicorns (and we bet it will be the favorite of children).

When will we see the new emoticons on the smartphone

All the emoji are part of the Unicode 11.0 "package" that has just been released by the organization. Now the various software houses that develop messaging applications and use the Unicode code, will be able to start implementing the emoticons within their apps. To start using the pirate flag, mosquitoes, crabs and magnet (all new emoticons present within Unicode 11.0) within conversations, you'll need to wait for August-September 2018, the period in which all software houses will release the new update with the smilies. Lovers of emoticons will be able to enjoy personalizing their chats thanks to the new 157 emoji released by the Unicode Consortium.

What to expect in the coming year

If the organization's new proposals don't convince you, you can send your ideas to Unicode, which will take them into consideration for 2019. You will have until the end of March 2018.