2 apps to delete from your Android smartphone: which ones are

Some computer researchers discovered two new Android apps that were hiding a virus inside: here are which ones they are

Another problems for the Google Play Store. In the last couple of months we've told you at least a couple of times about malicious apps inside the Google store that installed viruses on your smartphone. And today we're back with new news: Wandera, a company specializing in computer security, has discovered two applications that were hiding an adware that made using the smartphone problematic.

Adware are special viruses that display ads seamlessly on the device's screen (smartphone or computer), consuming the smartphone's battery and activating subscription services. The two apps discovered by computer scientists have been downloaded 1.5 million times on the Google Play Store. They are apps dedicated to selfie filters: Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera. Google promptly removed them from the online store to avoid further problems for users.

Android apps with adware: how they work

Android smartphone viruses, adware is the one with the highest growth rate in the last year. They are easy to develop, manage to pass Play Store controls and, above all, allow hackers to earn thousands of euros every day. How? Very simple, by displaying invasive ads on your smartphone screen.

Adware works in a very sneaky way. They are activated as soon as you install the application on your smartphone and remain active in the background so as to show you invasive ads every minute. To make life more complicated for users, as soon as the installation is finished the app immediately disappears from the drawer to make it more difficult to delete. Little ploys that allow hackers to earn more money. In addition to showing advertisements, the infected apps consume the device's battery and make the smartphone drain sooner.

What are the infected Android apps discovered by Wandera

The two apps with viruses discovered by the cyber researchers are Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera. Both allow you to add filters to selfies taken with your smartphone. In total, they have been downloaded 1.5 million times from the Play Store. After Wandera's report, Google promptly took them down.

What to do to guard against Android apps hiding viruses

The report once again highlights the security issues plaguing the Google Play Store. Il negozio virtuale di Google negli ultimi mesi è al centro di un vero e proprio attacco da parte degli hacker, che hanno scoperto uno stratagemma per superare i controlli del Play Protect e pubblicare app infette.

Cosa fare per difendersi dalle app pericolose? Bisogna essere utenti responsabili e seguire delle semplici regole:

  • installare un antivirus Android affidabile;
  • controllare le recensioni delle app prima di installarle;
  • scaricare solo applicazioni di cui si ha veramente bisogno;
  • eliminare le applicazioni che hanno un virus.

Si tratta di quattro consigli che vi permetteranno di proteggere al meglio il vostro smartphone Android.