2020 Bicycle Bonus, what to do to get reimbursed

To get the 2020 bicycle bonus, you must have your bill and SPID credentials. Here's everything you need to know about the mobility voucher

Who can get the 2020 bike bonus? What can be purchased with it? What procedure to follow to claim the 500 euro bonus? These are the most frequently asked questions of the moment by the many Italians who have purchased, or want to purchase, a new bicycle or a sustainable means of personal micro-mobility. With the launch of the DL Rilancio and the publication in the Official Gazette, the 2020 bicycle bonus is official and has a fund of 120 million euros.

To provide greater clarity, the Ministry of the Environment, which manages the measure together with the Ministry of Transport, has published FAQs that help to understand which means can be purchased and what to do to request reimbursement of the bonus. Much of this information had already been leaked in the previous days, but the Ministry of the Environment's FAQ mainly helps to understand whether a receipt is sufficient or whether it is also necessary to have an invoice to obtain reimbursement. This issue has created a lot of debate in recent days. Here's everything you need to know about the Bonus Bicycle 2020.

What is the Bonus Bicycle 2020

This is an economic incentive for some Italian citizens to purchase means for personal micro-mobility, including electric propulsion such as bicycles and scooters. The bonus covers 60% of the cost of the vehicle and can not exceed 500 euros. It can also be used for subscriptions to shared mobility services, such as bike sharing.

The bonus was created to encourage people to move independently within the city, limiting the use of public transport, which at this stage will still have many problems due to social distancing.

A chi è rivolto il Bonus biciclette 2020

Possono richiedere il Bonus da 500 euro tutti i cittadini maggiorenni residenti in un capoluogo di Regione, capoluogo di provincia, Città Metropolitana o in un comune con più di 50.000 abitanti.

Cosa si può comprare con il Bonus biciclette 2020

Con il Bonus bici 2020, come si può intuire dal nome, è possibile acquistare mezzi per la mobilità personale, anche a propulsione elettrica:

  • biciclette muscolari,
  • biciclette a pedalata assistita,
  • monopattini elettrici,
  • hoverboard,
  • segway,
  • servizi per la mobilità condivisa.

Non è possibile comprare gli accessori per la bici, come ad esempio i caschi, le catene o i lucchetti. Ammesso, invece, l’acquisto di mezzi usati.

Bonus biciclette, come funziona

Il bonus biciclette funziona in modo molto semplice: copre il 60% del costo del mezzo, con un rimborso al cittadino che non può superare i 500 euro. Cosa vuol dire? If we buy, for example, a scooter that costs 400 euros, we will have a refund of 240 euros. To get the full bonus you need to buy a vehicle worth at least 833 euros.

The bike bonus is valid throughout 2020 until December 31.

How to ask for a refund of the 2020 Bike Bonus

Let's move on to the question that has created the most debate: how to apply for the 2020 bike bonus? Do you have to have an invoice, or is a receipt enough? Let's clarify thanks to the FAQ of the Ministry of Environment.

The bonus is retroactive, that is, it is valid for all purchases made from May 4, 2020 onwards. The 500 euro bonus has two phases: the first is from May 4 until the day the web application to request the reimbursement is launched, and the second is from the release of the app onwards.

The Ministry is setting up an online platform where citizens can directly request the bonus. Until this web-app is available, it is necessary to get an invoice to be uploaded online on the platform. In the reimbursement request it will be necessary to insert also the IBAN where to credit the sum. Access to the platform will be through the credentials of the SPID, the Public Digital Identity System.

When the platform will be available, however, the citizen will log in, enter the data of the vehicle that he wants to buy and will be generated automatically digital shopping voucher to be presented at the store. The list of affiliated stores for the purchase in Phase 2 will be published soon. In Phase 1, however, you can buy it wherever you want.