2025, the kitchen of the future according to IKEA

Ikea has tried to imagine what the kitchen will be like in 2025 by trying to "interpret" how people's lifestyles will change

Imagine a kitchen table that cooks food and suggests recipes to prepare based on the ingredients available. That's the IKEA Concept Kitchen 2025 table, a futuristic - but not even that far off in time - project that the Swedish furniture company is developing together with design students from Ideo.

Want to cook zero. But maybe inspiration comes if someone - or rather something - suggests step by step what to do. We'll have to wait until 2025, but preparing succulent and appetizing dishes will become a breeze. The smart table - renamed "Tablet for Living" by IKEA - is designed to transform what for some is a boring activity into an enjoyable experience. The "smart" table, still in the design phase, is able to analyze the ingredients, weigh them, projecting on the surface the recipes to be made according to the time available simply by turning a knob that acts as a timer. Dinners and lunches that can be cooked directly on the table without having to use the traditional stove.

How the kitchen 202 by Ikea works

It is the dream for all cooks with little desire, time and imagination. At first glance, the IKEA smart table looks like a normal wooden table, but there is nothing normal about it. As already mentioned it has a scale for weighing ingredients, an induction hob and is able to recognize the ingredients on the surface thanks to the watchful eye of a video camera and a projector fixed to the ceiling.

Cooking becomes simple and fun

But let's take a practical example. Let's open the fridge, which for a person who doesn't like to cook will never be well-stocked, and pull out a couple of tomatoes, some broccoli and some potatoes. And voilà appear on the worktop "culinary" recipe suggestions to prepare a dish with those ingredients in the time we have available. But that's not all, as if by magic - from the video it seems so much that it is augmented reality - also pop up tips on how to clean the ingredients (in this particular case of vegetables), their nutritional values, the quantities to be used and any foods that could be added to the chosen recipe to enrich it. Everything, cooking included, without moving from the table. Ah, the table not only cooks, but also heats the food, including coffee, and in the meantime, while you're at it, also recharges your cell phone.

The video in the opening is taken from YouTube

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