230 more emoji coming soon: what’s new

Unicode Consortium has approved the new list of emoji to be introduced in all devices around the world. Find out what are the 230 new emoji of 2019.

When talking with a friend in chat it often happens that you can not find the right emoji to express a concept, because that design does not exist and is not included in the list of available figures. To make up for this difficulty, the Unicode Consortium periodically approves new smilies to be implemented in different devices.

In 2019, as many as 230 new emoji will be introduced and will appear on smartphones, tablets and computers around the world. The Consortium has published the Emoji 12.0 List on its official website. The list includes 59 new designs, which becomes 75 if all gender variations of human figures are taken into account, up to a total of 230 emoji considering the available skin tones. Manufacturers like Apple or Android can adapt the design to their own system, but without changing the basic idea. The new emoji will be made available from March 5, 2019. Here's what the new emoji of 2019 will represent.

People and their cultures

A sloth, a tango orangutan, as well as a tasty waffle and even a Hindu Temple: the new figures embrace both the animal and natural worlds, without neglecting people.

In fact, they're not just a way to decorate chat, but also a concrete chance to feel represented and included. Not surprisingly, about fifty figures will have accessibility as an object: in the official images you can see a wheelchair, a blind man and a deaf person. Next to these, there is no shortage of emoji representing mixed couples holding hands. It will be possible to use them by choosing the skin tone to be given to both men and women.

In the same way, individuals from all over the world will be able to find and use a particular symbol of their culture or religion: next to a sari, there will be Hawaiian shorts.

Animals and geometric figures

Among the figures most desired by users stands out the white-colored heart. Next to it, a wide array of animals is available. In addition to those just mentioned, there is great expectation for the flamingo. News also for geometric figures such as circles and squares: you will be able to choose from many available colors, such as purple, brown and yellow.

When will the new emoji be introduced?

The emoji will be available from March 5, 2019. It will then be up to the various companies and software houses to integrate the emoticons within their apps. Probably, in Apple devices will be possible to use the new smilies starting from fall 2019. In this period, in fact, the update of the operating system, called iOS 13, will be released. In all other platforms we need to wait for official communications.