3 serie tv simili a Le regole del delitto perfetto

La serie televisiva Le regole del delitto perfetto è terminata: per chi non può fare a meno del genere, ecco tre proposte alternative da guardare


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Dopo sei stagioni giunge al termine Le regole del delitto perfetto. La carismatica Annalise Keating aveva debuttato a inizio del 2014 e ha fatto compagnia a fan appassionati per ben cinque anni fino a maggio 2020. Now the series, which has always been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, has come to an end.

At Middleton University in Philadelphia, Annalise Keating teaches the criminal law course How to Get Away with Murder - The Rules of the Perfect Murder. She chooses the best students to help her solve the most mysterious cases: the Keating Five. The lucky ones have the opportunity to learn criminal law in the field. Other important characters in the series are Bonnie, Annalise's right-hand man, and Frank, an intriguing and ruthless collaborator. Each case is a puzzle to unravel. The suspense and tension is always high in every episode. All seasons are available on Netflix. Here are three similar series.

A viable female-driven alternative: Scandal 

Created by Shonda Rhimes, the same producer of The Perfect Murder Rules, Scandal with seven seasons, is a candidate to be added to the favorites. Olivia Pope is the main character. A woman of great character, she decides to quit her job as former White House communications director and founds OPA: Olivia Pope and Associates, which will handle corporate crisis management. Esteemed and known as Washington's best problem solver, she won't miss a beat. Scandal is available on Netflix.

Suits: the irreverence of Harvey Specter

Two men star in this compelling television series: Harvey and Mike.

Harvery Specter, charismatic, handsome and ambitious is the Big Apple's top lawyer. Mike Ross is his able associate assistant. Harvey chooses Mike, who does not have a Harvard degree and is not a lawyer, but has a lot of passion and an excellent memory. He therefore deserves to be part of the renowned New York law firm: the Pearson and Hardman.

Smart dialogue and disruptive irony are accompanied by a captivating soundtrack on the Big Apple skyline. Fun fact: The legal assistant, Rachel Zane from Suits, is Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry. All seasons of Suits are available on Netflix.

Big Little Lies: A Perfect Life is a Perfect Lie

Monterey, a small town of about 30,000 in the state of California, is the backdrop for Big Little Lies. A U.S. series, in which three friends, including Nicole Kidman and Reese Whiterspoon, carry on their lives with the most varied problems. All normal, until a body is found, by murder, at the end of a party at their children's school.

Big Little Lies - Little Big Lies is based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty. Two series are available for streaming now. Big Little Lies received a 2018 Golden Globe for Best Miniseries and Best Actress in a Miniseries for Nicole Kidman. The series is also available to stream on NOW.