3 series similar to Gossip Girl: here’s where to watch them

Teens, gossip and romance: these are the ingredients of the series. Here are some similar titles to watch absolutely.

Gossip Girl is one of the most successful TV series of the new millennium: it characterized the 2000s for many reasons. First of all, it is one of the first TV series in which new technologies, and especially social networks and blogs, have a crucial impact on the dynamics of the plot.

The show tells the story of a group of friends, and especially of two best friends Serena and Blair. There is no shortage of gossip and gossip, spread by the mysterious "Gossip Girl". The series is based on the homonymous novels by Cecily von Ziegesar and consists of six seasons, broadcast in Italy from 2008 to 2014. We are in front of a real teen drama, a genre that can really have many nuances. In Gossip Girl stands out a glossy and romantic setting, there is no lack of love stories that have made the history of TV series, such as that between Chuck and Blair. Not to mention the incursions of Gossip Girl that makes everything more captivating. Despite being a peculiar series, in streaming platforms you can find several similar series.

Series similar to Gossip Girl: Bridgerton on Netflix

Gossip Girl fans will find many similarities in Bridgerton, another successful TV series. It debuted Dec. 25 on Netflix and in just a few weeks has reached record viewing figures. The series is the result of a multimillion-dollar deal between the platform and the production company Shondaland, owned by the famous American producer Shonda Rhimes.

We are looking at a romantic costume series set in London and centered on the events of the Bridgerton family. The first season focuses on the love between the older sister Daphne and the Duke of Hastings. But there is an important element that unites this series and Gossip Girl, namely the presence of a mysterious figure who spreads gossip news in the city. In short, the two series have a lot in common, all that remains is to watch them and follow the compelling events.

Bridgerton is available on Netflix. For the moment the first season is available, but the second one is already in the works.

Control Z on Netflix

From London we fly to Mexico, with the TV series Control Z. The teen drama is created by Carlos Quintanilla and developed by Lemon Studios for Netflix. It is set inside a high school, where a hacker who threatens to expose the secrets of the students, and especially Sofia, the protagonist. Gradually, the hacker chooses his victims: the first is Isabela, the most popular girl in school. From here begins a real chaos, which involves all the characters.

As in Gossip Girl, the protagonists are very young and their privacy is jeopardized by a mysterious character, but certainly more dangerous. Unlike the two TV series, this one comes very close to being a thriller.

Control Z is available on Netflix.

Love, Victor on Disney+

The third series is Love, Victor and is available on Disney+'s Star channel. It is a spin-off of the movie Yours, Simon and focuses on the life of Victor Salazar, a student at Creekwood High School. The boy is immersed in a real journey of self-discovery.

These are just some of the many TV series focused on the world of young people and their problems, very similar to Gossip Girl.