3 series similar to Riverdale: here are the ones to watch in streaming

Teens, mystery and a slightly dark setting: if you love these three ingredients when watching a series, here are the perfect ones for you.

Riverdale is one of the most successful TV series, born in 2017 and now in its fifth season. In Italy it is broadcast by Netflix, which has also released The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina, another title set in the universe of Riverdale. We are in front of a teen drama characterized by a touch of mystery, typical of the thriller genre.

In recent years, teen TV series have had an excellent response on streaming platforms so the strand is quite broad and articulated. But in Riverdale there are some elements to take into consideration, which have set the standard. The series, inspired by the Archie Comics, tells the story of two friends Archie and Betty who live in a small town. Each season has a mystery to solve, from Jason's murder in the first chapter, to the videotapes in the fourth. There are then other side events that allow the young characters to solve the situation. This is a show full of food for thought, able to keep the audience attached to the screen. Are there any series similar to Riverdale in streaming? The answer is yes, here's what they are.

Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix

Thirteen is among the TV series that has been most influential in the construction of the teen genre. Each season is different. It all starts with the first, the most important one, which focuses on the story of Hanna Baker. She is a girl who commits suicide leaving 13 tapes, one for each person who led her to death.

The reasons are described inside each tape that are also an opportunity to delve into the world of teenagers, their problems, conflicts, unrequited love, violence, bullying. It is incisive and sometimes raw and allows you to explore a nuanced world in a very special way. The themes are similar to Riverdale although the style and storytelling stray a bit from the dark setting that characterizes the Archie series.

Thirteen is available on Netflix.

Élite on Netflix

Élite is the Spanish TV series set in the prestigious Las Encinas High School. The kids who attend it are seemingly perfect and have the life everyone wants. In reality, within the school walls are hidden enormous hardships and injustices, which the young protagonists must suffer day after day. As in Riverdale and Thirteen, here too the controversial sides of adolescence emerge. There is also no shortage of murders and other mysteries that the audience - along with the young protagonists - must investigate.

Élite is available on Netflix.

The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix

You can't talk about Riverdale without referring to Sabrina, considered as the spin-off of the first one. Both are based on Archie Comics and there is no shortage of constant references to one or the other in the relevant episodes.

One important difference is that in The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina the supernatural element is very strong, while Riverdale is practically absent. For the rest they are two series to watch absolutely one after the other.

The TV series to suggest could be endless, unfortunately they are currently not distributed in Italy Riverdale fans could really appreciate Pretty Little Liars or Impulse.

Who instead wants to watch Riverdale, waiting for the fifth season to arrive in Italy, can find it both on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.