3 series to watch after Modern Love

After watching the first two seasons of Modern Love, these three series will get you hooked on the various nuances of love

Modern Love is a series that has captivated millions in a short time. Its success can be found in the laying bare of human frailties. We are all so different, but we all want the same thing and are united by the same feeling. Modern Love is inspired by the stories of the New York Times column of the same name.

Available from mid-August, on the Prime Video catalog, exclusively, the second season of Modern Love, which has duplicated the success of the first chapter. The anthology series tells with short and essential stories the different shades of love, laying bare our deepest weaknesses. Unusual friendships, unconventional families, loves lost and found. Each story is unique, the result of real stories written to the acclaimed New York Times column. In fact, every week for at least 15 years, NYT readers have a regular appointment with the Modern Love column, where they are told original and exciting stories, bizarre, but true, sent by the readers themselves.


Probably one of the oldest series, but the reunion took place a short time ago, can not help but be curious, to see or review, the 10 seasons to the credit of one of the most famous groups of friends and united of the small, big screen. Friends: The reunion also earned Courteney Cox her first Emmy nomination in twenty years. Friends, with its nuances of comedy and irony is to see, because it emerges in a disruptive way the tender form of love between theĀ  protagonists: friendship. On Netiflix you can find all seasons of this successful sitcom that has as its backdrop a nineties Manahattan.

This Is Us

On Prime Video, you can find all five seasons of this series, drama that has been a great success with critics and audiences. This Is Us is a TV series set in three timelines between 1980 and today. It tells us the story of Rebecca and Jack and their triplets. One of them dies during childbirth and the couple decides to adopt an African-American boy born on the same day. This Is Us is an emotional and moving journey through the past and present of this extraordinary family.

Sex and the City

In these days in the Big Apple are filming the scenes of one of the most anticipated revival of Sex and the City. This series produced by HBO has accompanied for six seasons millions of fans, with ironic and irreverent stories, but at the same time deep and reflective. Carry, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are the protagonists of the most fashionable series ever. The friendship and the vicissitudes of these young thirty-somethings who face life together in New York. Loves, disappointments, ups and downs of everyday life with the background of their friendship, increasingly solid and evolving.