3 series to watch after The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina

If you've been following the events of Sabrina Spellman with bated breath, you can find many similar titles about youth, magic and mystery on streaming. Here are some ideas

The fourth and final season of The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina landed on Netflix on December 31, 2020, allowing the platform's audience to end the year on a high note. But now, after watching all the episodes in one breath, many are looking for a similar series.

To understand what such products are, it is necessary to recognize the basic ingredients of the show. The series is centered on the figure of Sabrina Spellman, a young witch who grows up with her aunts, who teach her how to handle powers. Therefore, one of the main ingredients is magic. The Netflix TV series, moreover, has a horror and dark style, which are gradually enhanced over the course of the different seasons. And finally, we must not forget that it remains a real teen drama, because in the story we also find the narration of typical teen problems. In the different streaming platforms you can find several titles with these characteristics.

The Magicians on Amazon Prime Video

The first TV series that has some of the qualities of The Adventures of Sabrina is The Magicians which, just like the title says, is pure magic.

It all starts from the story of Quentin, a boy who suffers from depression, who thinks that magic really exists and who loves to take refuge in comic books. One day he is admitted to Brakebills, a prestigious and mysterious school that is actually a college for magicians. Here he learns not only that magic is real and can be handled, but also that everyone has their own peculiarities that should not be discriminated against. Those who love science fiction series will find this title really interesting.

The Magicians is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Riverdale on Netflix

The Riverdale and The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina TV series are closely related to each other, because both are based on the Archie Comics. Not surprisingly, Sabrina is considered the spin-off of Riverdale, although they can actually be watched independently of each other. Moreover, both have the same creator and showrunner behind them, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. And that's why watching Riverdale you will immediately recognize the same settings and similar themes to The Terrible Adventures of Sabrina. But the second one in addition has a good dose of science fiction and magic.

In short, try it to believe. Riverdale is available on Netflix.

Shadowhunters on Netflix

There are witches, there are teenagers and magic, but also and especially the struggle between demons and angels. Shadowhunters therefore has all the ingredients that might appeal to Sabrina fans.

Here too there is a protagonist who discovers that she is not completely "human": to Clary Fray on her birthday they reveal that she belongs to a hybrid species of human-angels. So, after the painful death of her mother, she finds herself hunting down the demons that threaten the world.

Just like in The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina, the story is about diversity and the need to feel accepted. So self-discovery is also one of the main themes of the series.

Shadowhuners is available on Netflix.