3 series to watch if you liked Black Mirror

Dystopian worlds, disturbed characters and lives on the edge of reality: there are many TV series that deal with these themes. Here is a selection that might appeal to fans of Black Mirror

Black Mirror is the first TV series that comes to mind when talking about dystopia and science fiction. Created by Charlie Brooker, it was officially released in 2011 and in Italy was broadcast first on Sky Cinema and then on Netflix. It consists of five seasons and is an anthology series, meaning each season is unrelated to the other.

Even the episodes revolve around a particular theme and each can be watched and understood independently of the others. Some episodes are really disturbing, others make you think about society, while some border on the horror film or thriller. In short, there is something for everyone. What unites all the episodes is the strong connotation dystopian and science fiction. They tell, in fact, a parallel world, sometimes futuristic, where often the technologies used to help mankind backfire, forever ruining the lives of the characters. One thing is clear: Black Mirror is a high quality product, but fortunately it is possible to find TV series with similar characteristics.

Mr Robot on Amazon Prime Video

Mr Robot is the series starring Elliot Alderson, played by Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek. He is a computer security engineer, a genius mind capable of hacking into any system. His abilities reach the ears of a group of activists who recruit him for a series of illegal activities. At that moment, Elliot, who already has a complex and disturbed personality, is involved in a series of events capable of revolutionizing even more his existence and make him enter a dangerous vortex.

Mr Robot has several aspects similar to Black Mirror, first of all it is a high quality product, moreover it is able to pose important question marks about the society in which we live.

Mr Robot is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Video

The Man in the High Castle (original title The Man in the High Castle) is an Amazon Original TV series that aired from 2014 to 2019 and consists of 4 seasons.

It is a dystopian series, just like Black Mirror, and is based on Philip K. Dick's novel The Swastika on the Sun. It tells an alternate version of the world and answers the question: what would have happened if Germany had won World War II? This is the starting point of a narrative capable of exciting, surprising and making you think. The series mixes science fiction, historical drama and melodrama and could really appeal to Black Mirror fans. Watching is believing.

The Man in the High Castle is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime Video

The third proposal is the anthology series also based on a work by Philip K. Dick: it is titled Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams.

It is perfectly comparable to Black Mirror both for its anthology structure and for the topics covered. The dystopian settings host a cast of great actors, including Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, Anna Paquin and Richard Madden. We're not at the levels of Black Mirror in terms of complexity and narrative quality, but it's definitely a series to recommend to fans.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams can also be found streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Finally, users who have TIM VISION might find another dystopian series interesting: The Handmaid's Tale.