3 series to watch if you liked Kobra Cai

Martial arts, revenge, friendship: these are the ingredients of the TV series sequel to Karate Kid. If you liked it, here are three titles to watch in streaming.

Kobra Cai has become in a few weeks the most watched series on the Netflix platform, although it had already been broadcast, without much following, on Youtube. The reasons are many: on the Google channel it didn't have the same visibility. In the streaming channel, however, was announced as the sequel to one of the most famous film sagas of the eighties, Karate Kid.

The TV series turns the tables: the protagonist is not Daniel (Ralph Macchio) but the ex-bully of the film, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). We see him several years after the events of the film, aged and resigned to a miserable life, after the crushing defeat at the Karate tournament, in which in the film he was defeated by Daniel. The show allows us to approach the plot of the feature film from the point of view of the antagonist and the result is really interesting. In addition, Johnny and Daniel will again confront each other with karate. Then there are details that have won fans of the film, for example, the actors are the same. Those who have watched all the episodes and feel a little lost, can find many other similar TV series in streaming. Here is a selection.

Glow on Netflix

The TV series Glow has some ingredients similar to Cobra Kai: the setting that recalls the eighties, the need for revenge of the protagonist and the ring, but it is not the karate one but the wrestling one.

The TV series is centered on the events of a group of women, each motivated to enter a wrestling show and become famous. The road of course will be filled with hardships and rivalries between the leading ladies, in particular there will be a heated confrontation between Debbie Eagan, a soap opera star who had quit her job to take care of her family, and aspiring actress Ruth Wilder.

The three seasons of Glow are available on Netflix.

Kickin'It - In strokes of karate on Disney +

The second TV series is focused on the world of karate but definitely more suitable for young people than Kobra Cai.

The show tells the events that take place inside the dojo Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy and features a group of boys and their rivals, the Black Dragons, a more important and prestigious martial arts school. Again, the martial arts are an opportunity to talk about important themes, such as friendship and team spirit.

Kickin'It - A strokes of karate is available on Disney +.

Into the Badlands on Amazon Prime Video

The TV series Into the Badlands is a mix of martial arts and science fiction. It narrates the events of the Earth in a future scenario, where wars between factions, have led to the restoration of the feudal state. Sunny, a martial arts enthusiast is the faithful servant of the powerful Baron of the Badlands, Quinn.

In the course of the story he meets a boy, M.K. and with him decides to join forces and cross the different villages in search of enlightenment and especially to find his mother, lost long ago.

Into the Badlands is available on Amazon Prime Video.