3 series to watch if you liked Suburra

The events of Spadino and Aureliano ended with the third season released on Netflix on October 30: here are some similar TV series to get over the end of one of the most beloved series ever

These days Suburra fans are visibly on edge: after a long wait, finally on October 30 the third and final season was released on Netflix. Many took advantage of the weekend to finish it in record time, also because it consists of only six episodes that manage to fly by in a single session.

Now what to watch? That's the question surfacing in the minds of audiences these days. Many might decide to re-watch the first season, for the sake of seeing Spadino and Aureliano again as youngsters, new to Roman intrigue. Others instead might decide to finally start Gomorra, judged the sister series of Suburra, but set in Naples. Actually, streaming platforms give us several titles similar to Suburra, some of them little known, but really breathtaking. They could be a good alternative, able to fill the immense gap given by the season finale.

Secret City on Netflix

The first TV series that might appeal to Suburra fans is Secret City. It is a dramatic thriller broadcast in Australia starting in 2016. The episodes are few, so it could be a great content to forget, at least for a few days, the absence of Suburra.

Secret City tells the story of a journalist specializing in politics, her name is Harriet Dunkely and she is particularly interested in the intrigues and tensions that characterize America and China. In the course of her investigations she will be involved in conspiracies and will put her life in danger.

The TV series is available on Netflix.

Peaky Blinders on Netflix

Peaky Blinders is definitely more famous than the previous one, but it is really perfect for those who loved the Italian show.

It is an English origin TV series set in Birmingham after the First World War. It stars Tommy, leader of the Peaky Blinders gang. The gang controls the neighborhood with terror and force.

The story is inspired by real events: the Peaky Blinders gang really existed and influenced the history of English society for twenty years. It is therefore an interesting historical cross-section to discover and explore, and in this it is similar to Suburra, which is instead inspired by the ties between politics, mafia and church that characterize the Roman province.

Peaky Blinder is streaming on Netflix.

Sons of Anarchy on Amazon Prime Video

Sons of Anarchy is the Made in USA TV series that has conquered crime lovers around the world. The plot is centered on the events of a group of bikers, the SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original). Within the group there are several characters, including Jax Teller, who has a life of bar fights, gun trafficking and other crimes.

One day he finds a manuscript of his father, founder of the club and now deceased, which is a kind of SAMCRO Manifesto. Leafing through the pages, he discovers that the values on which his father founded the club are far from the climate of crime and violence that characterizes it. So Jax decides to change the management of the group, but this causes a real internal rupture, which will also involve his family.

The fast pace, the choral and well characterized cast and one of the most articulated plot of all time have made Sons of Anarchy one of the most popular and appreciated programs in the world. And it shares several elements with Suburra: in fact, just like Aureliano and Spadino, Jax too will try to change the power dynamics of a controversial criminal system.

Those who haven't yet, can enjoy Sons of Anarchy on Amazon Prime Video.

We remind you, finally, the complete Suburra saga is available on Netflix.