3 series to watch if you liked The Big Bang Theory

Those who loved the adventures of Sheldon & Co. can find many alternatives in streaming. Here are the three TV series to watch to spend a light and funny evening.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most successful TV series of recent years. Between laughter and moments of reflection has accompanied the public for 12 seasons. The product, created by Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, with Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki has aired since 2007 and is currently available in Italy on the streaming platform Infinity (on demand).

The series is centered on the events of Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons), two young physicists brilliant but very shy and awkward. They live together in an apartment where they conduct their days between video games, role-playing games, comics, books and study, to which they are later joined by other friends, Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar). The absence of girls is a constant in their lives, which changes dramatically when a new neighbor arrives, Penny (Koley Cuoco), a very charming girl with whom Leonard falls in love at first sight. Over the course of the series, other members are added to this wacky group and the result is truly hilarious. Those looking for something similar can find several streaming alternatives. Here is a selection.

Young Sheldon on Infinity

Those who have already watched and loved The Big Bang Theory can not miss the prequel focused on the life of Sheldon Cooper. This is a spinoff dedicated to the beloved character and is focused on his life as a child.

The protagonist is played by the young actor Iain Armitage. The series focuses on the life of Sheldon, a child prodigy who grows up in Texas and at the age of nine already attends high school.

Young Sheldon is available on the Infinity platform.

New Girl on Netflix

New Girl is a funny American TV series, very similar to The Big Bang Theory. The main character is Jess, played by actress Zooey Deschanel. After ending a relationship that lasted for years, she decides to move with three boys to Los Angeles. With her quirky manner and life, she will make the lives of her roommates full of excitement and twists and turns and create a deep friendship with them.

New Girl is available on Netflix.

Community on Netflix

Now we come to a lesser known show, but really funny and perfect for spending a carefree evening on the couch.

Community is the episodic comedy centered on the events of Jeff who, in order to seduce a girl with whom he has fallen in love, invites her to a fake study group. She arrives along with other friends, so it is created a heterogeneous and crazy group: from Abed, a boy fond of TV series with problems of interaction with people, to Shirley a divorced mother, but also the nerd Annie and Troy, former quaterback and dancer.

They will build together, episode after episode, a really funny and smart story that reminds the first seasons of The Big Bang Theory but also has affinities with the famous series Friends.

Community is available on Netflix.