3 series to watch if you liked The House of Paper

If you loved The Professor, Berlin, Nairobi and the other members of the team and you're looking for a new TV series, these three titles might be for you.

The House of Paper is one of the most popular TV series in recent years. It was born in 2017 for the Spanish TV channel Antena 3, but it soon garnered huge acclaim. Netflix then decides to buy it and stream it. The first season makes a real boom, this leads the company to renew it.

While waiting for the fifth season to come out, postponed to 2021 because of the Coronavirus, you can watch other similar shows. Those who have always heard of The House of Paper but never started it instead can find the first four seasons on Netflix. As many know, it tells the story of a group of thieves led by the Professor, who in the course of the four chapters decide together to carry out two super heists, the first at the Spanish Mint, where, after a thousand scuffles and adventures, they print millions of banknotes and escape with the loot, the second at the Spanish Central Bank, where they intend to steal gold. Among the strengths of the series are definitely the characters, each with a code name of a city in the world, each with their own problems, characteristics and qualities. Let's see what TV series fans of the Spanish show might enjoy.

Vis a Vis on Netflix

Watching Vis a Vis- the price of redemption after watching The Paper House is a bit like ordering dessert or coffee after a restaurant meal. Simply put, it's an almost obligatory step. The reasons are many: first of all, this is also a Spanish series, secondly, in the cast there are some of the actors we already know, especially Alba Flores (Nairobi) and Najwa Nimri (Alicia Sierra).

Compared to La Casa di Carta, Vis a Vis is more raw and ruthless, less fictional, but even here it will be hard not to fall in love with one or more characters: they are very well characterized and each has a powerful story behind them to be revealed episode after episode.

Also, the topics covered are very interested: we talk about the life of women in prison and the injustices that persist in these systems. The show is available on Netflix and soon a spin-off "Vis a Vis - El Oasis" will arrive in our country.

Alternatively, you can watch Netflix's new releases coming in October 2020.

ZeroZero on NOW TV

Now let's turn to another platform: Sky's streaming service offers several similar titles, one of the most interesting being ZeroZeroZero, based on Roberto Saviano's bestseller. We are talking about a high-profile Italian-American production, shot between Italy, the USA, but also Mexico and other parts of Africa and Europe.

It is directed by Stefano Sollima and tells the story of the events linked to cocaine trafficking that starts in South America and arrives in the different corners of the world. The TV series is available on demand on the NOW TV platform.

Also the platform has already published the schedule with all the new releases for October 2020.

The Terror on Amazon Prime Video

The Terror is one of the revelation series of Prime Video. The first season is inspired by a famous novel by Dan Simmons "The Disappearance of the Erebus" which in turn tells the story of the expedition of Captain Sir John Franklin, who left England in 1845 to explore the world around him. This story is known to all as the "Franklin's Lost Expedition".

The second season instead is based on an original subject and is set in World War II. The genre is supernatural horror and it has one important feature: it has been acclaimed for its ability to keep the audience glued to the screen and with bated breath. This is an even more gory TV series than the previous one, but it is definitely worth watching.