3 series to watch if you liked The Walking Dead

Those looking for a zombie horror series similar to The Walking Dead can find plenty of streaming alternatives. Here is a selection

The Walking Dead is one of the most successful sagas of recent years. Born in 2012 has kicked off a major strand, that of horror TV series about zombies. Of course, it wasn't the last one: after her, many similar shows were born, which tell in a terrifying way the evolution of humanity and the arrival of an eventual apocalypse.

The TV series is based on the homonymous comic book saga created by Robert Kirkman. The protagonist is Rock Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), a sheriff who wakes up after years in a coma and discovers that the world as he knew it no longer exists. In fact, he wakes up in an abandoned and destroyed hospital and what he discovers is absolutely incredible: the world is populated by hungry zombies ready to tear apart any living person they find in front of them. From here begins a very intense story, long, full of twists and turns. The challenge is therefore to find a TV series similar to The Walking Dead. Fortunately, the streaming platforms give us several titles that might appeal to fans of the famous horror show.

American Horror Story on Amazon Prime Video

We start with one of the most successful serials of recent years: American Horror Story is an American horror series born in 2011, winner of numerous awards, including 16 Emmy Awards and 2 Golden Globes.

It is an anthology series, that is, it is designed so that each season has an independent beginning and end. Many of the actors reappear in the different seasons, where they play different roles. Certainly the wise choice of the interpreters has contributed to the success of the series. In the various seasons have alternated many world-famous actors: from Jessica Lange to Sarah Paulson (the lead actress of Ratched), up to Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga.

American Horror Story is available on Amazon Prime Video. Alternatively, you can watch it for a fee on CHILI and TIMVision.

Daybreak on Netflix

What happens when a group of kids are forced to survive in a world made up of unscrupulous zombies? What happens is that a TV series halfway between a teen drama and The Walking Dead is born, titled Daybreak.

The protagonist is Josh, a seventeen year old boy who is a bit out of line, and for that reason is often ostracized by his high school friends. One day his girlfriend Sam disappears and his town, Glendale, California, begins to be populated by zombies and other strange characters. So, he finds himself with a group of peers to face the new reality.

The TV series is stopped at the first season, which consists of 10 episodes and can be watched on Netflix.

Z Nation on Netflix

We continue with another TV series set in a post-apocalyptic reality. Z Nation chronicles the lives of a group of survivors of the end of the world, which has spawned hordes of zombies. This community, controlled by Citizen Z will have to cross the United States to bring to safety the only human who can stop the epidemic that turns people into zombies. He is in fact the only one who has been injected with the vaccine and therefore cannot get sick even if he is bitten by a creature.

Z Nation is a raw series, which has many similarities with The Walking Dead. It is available on Netflix.