3 series to watch if you’re a Sex and the City fan

Female series have always been a huge success among the public: here are some titles to watch if you loved the story of Carrie and her group of friends.

Sex and the City is one of the most famous American TV series of the last twenty years: it aired, first on HBO and then worldwide, since 1998. Although a lot of time has passed since its release, there are still many people who remember the settings, the plot and especially the actresses who made the content famous.

The show tells the story of four friends, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha struggling with their problems related to love and career. In the background is the city of New York that sees them engaged in new love encounters, but also the discovery of new trends related to fashion and luxury, in fact, many scenes are set in pubs and elegant restaurants in the Big Apple. The series also tells of the ambitions and hopes of the young thirty-somethings who are preparing to live the New Millennium. The show is based on the free novel of the same name by Candace Bushnell, who portrayed her alter-ego in Carrie Bradshaw. It is certainly not easy to reproduce in other TV series the climate and the plots of Sex and the City. Nevertheless, many streaming products have many aspects in common: let's see what they are.

Emily in Paris on Netflix

We start with a revelation TV series of the last month: Emily in Paris was released on Netflix in October 2020 and in a few weeks it has already conquered a good slice of audience. The similarities with Sex and the City are many. For example, the TV series was born from the same author Darren Star, who also worked on other successful products including Beverly Hills 90210.

Emily in Paris tells the story of a girl, played by actress Lily Collins, who moves to Paris to make a career and here discovers a whole new world full of charm, including a possible new love and a best friend who will welcome her in the French city from the first episodes. It is a romantic series just like Sex and the City, but less generational. Despite this, there is no shortage of references to the old show that will surely please all fans of Carrie.

The first season of Emily in Paris is available on Netflix.

Fleabag on Amazon Prime Video

Now let's move on to an irreverent and extremely ironic TV series, which always has a woman as its protagonist. Let's talk about Fleabag, the show created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The show consists of two seasons and is centered on the vicissitudes of a girl, whose name is not revealed, struggling with problems, doubts and uncertainties of every day.

If Sex and the City spoke of the generation of thirty-year-olds at the beginning of the new millennium, Fleabag will address directly to the thirty-year-olds of today, independent and single, perhaps more disillusioned but certainly aware and brave. There are also references to important issues, such as today's family, but also the allure of the forbidden.

In short, we are in front of a series really nice and full of twists, which could win over those who loved Sex and the City. Fleabag is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Valeria on Netflix

The third TV series focused on the world of women is Spanish: the title is Valeria and is based on the novels of Elisabet Benavent.

Also in this case we find four friends of about thirty years old who live in a big metropolis: not New York but Madrid. Between a dinner in a restaurant and an aperitif, they discuss their problems, which refer to the current period and not to the late nineties.

Not handbags, fashion and careers, but rents to pay and unlikely blind dates born from a dating app, but also problems at work and dreams of love that punctually break. The series is romantic but true, far from the glossy world of Carrie and her friends.

Valeria is available on Netflix.