3 settings for the iPhone that nobody knows

IOS hides some features that few people know but that allow you to use your iPhone at its best. Here they are

The tricks to use the iPhone at best are really many and in most cases are used daily by users without their knowledge. Most of the time, they are features within the iOS Settings that are discovered by accident while browsing through the smartphone's menus.

Although users spend dozens and dozens of hours on the smartphone every week, some secret iPhone features remain hidden, without the users being able to use them. iOS hides within its Settings that are very useful to users, but need to be turned on or off as needed. We're talking about Wi-Fi Assistance, Background App Update, and System Services. With these three hidden iPhone settings, you can save your phone subscription data and protect your personal data on your smartphone. Here's how.

Wi-Fi Support

When you're at home or at work and you use your iPhone to browse the Internet, you're usually connected to the Wi-Fi network. But if we are too far away from the router, chances are that the Wi-Fi signal is weak and browsing is slow. By activating the Wi-Fi Assistance setting on the iPhone since iOS 9, you'll be able to surf the web quickly even if the Wi-Fi signal is low. Thanks to this feature, your smartphone automatically recognizes the weak signal and switches to the data network of your phone subscription. You'll be able to use Wi-Fi Assistance with most of the apps on your iPhone: Safari, Maps, Apple Music, and Mail.

To activate Wi-Fi Assistance, you'll have to press Settings, then Mobile and scroll down until you see the words "Wi-Fi Assistance". At this point, just tap the slider to activate the feature.

Updating apps in the background

When you switch from one app to another, the ones that are not being used remain active in the background, after which they are suspended so as not to consume battery. This way, though, if you receive a message or an email, the notification won't arrive. If you enable the Background Update feature, you can decide which apps will stay active even if you're not using them. If, for example, we receive a lot of messages on WhatsApp or a lot of emails, we can decide to keep them on all the time. In this way the battery will drain sooner and you'll use up your phone's data, but you'll be sure not to lose any messages.

To activate the feature you'll have to go into the iPhone's Settings, click on General and then turn on Background App Update. This will open a new window where the user can choose which apps to leave on all the time.

Location Services

Location services are very useful and are mainly used to show traffic trends or to suggest to the user what's nearby. Unfortunately, to give this information, the smartphone frequently tracks the user's location, invading people's privacy as well. Fortunately, you can disable this feature in a few seconds: just go into Settings, click on Privacy and then on Localization. At this point you'll have to go down until you come across the words "System services". A new page will open and you'll have to go down until you find "Frequent locations". In the new window you should select No.