3 things to do before changing smartphones

Bought a new smartphone? Here are the things to do to not lose any data on the old device

When you change your smartphone because you bought a new one, it's always a drama to move your files from one device to another. Thanks to some specially developed apps and cloud services that allow you to back up your photos and videos, the process has become easier lately. But it often happens that we focus too much on pictures and videos, forgetting about equally important things. An example? WhatsApp chats or the code for two-factor authentication of your email address.

Before making the change of the smartphone and sell the old one, it is necessary to make a complete check-up. Maybe there are some documents or files hidden within some folders that we had completely forgotten about. But there are also other things to consider: how to move, for example, on the new smartphone the records made in video games? Not all games make a backup of data and it is necessary to use third-party apps to succeed "in the enterprise". Here's what to do before changing a smartphone.

Two-factor authentication

Before changing a smartphone you need to deal with two-factor authentication. As you may know, it is the most secure method to protect access to online services: email address, Facebook, WhatsApp, bank account. In most casesĀ in two-step verification, the code is sent by SMS or it is necessary to use an ad hoc application. If we have to change smartphones we will have to save the PINs received by SMS and install the Authenticator application on the new device.

Backup of WhatsApp

Another thing to do before changing the phone is to backup WhatsApp chats. When changing smartphones, even if you insert the same phone card, the conversations present on the instant messaging application are not automatically saved. With the danger of losing images and important information. Fortunately, WhatsApp allows the backup of chats, both on the iOS and Android versions.

Video game records

So much time spent getting new records and when you change smartphones you lose everything. This is the danger experienced by everyone who buys a new cell phone. Even if you install the same application on the new smartphone, it doesn't necessarily automatically recognize the records obtained with the old one. To transfer the scores you can use an ad hoc application like Helium that allows you to backup and synchronize the apps.