3 TV series about cyber crime and hackers to absolutely watch

Cyber crime and hacking fans? Streaming platforms have many perfect titles: here are the TV series you absolutely must see.

Cybercrime and computer science are topics that, with time, are becoming more and more passionate about people. If before they were niche topics, which interested a small group of users, today they concern everyone: let's think about the spread of viruses, data breaches or even online frauds related to the most popular apps.

There are many series that allow us, not only to deepen these phenomena, but also to understand how the phenomenon of hackers was born or follow the invention of some of the main platforms, systems, social and other similar tools of recent years. On the other hand, this genre is not at all new in the world of cinema and TV series. For example, there are numerous science fiction and dystopian films where IT plays a crucial role, from The Matrix to Inception. Those who love this genre can find in streaming platforms a lot of compelling and breathtaking content. Here are three must-see titles.

Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime Video

We start with one of the most popular TV series of the last decade. Mr. Robot tells the story of Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a computer security engineer, but also a skilled hacker capable of breaking into any system.

He is recruited for a computer mission by a group of activists and from that moment, Elliot's life changes dramatically. Those who loved the series, can not fail to watch all seasons of Black Mirror.

Mr. Robot is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The TV series Chuck on Infinity

Chuck tells the story of a boy who works in a chain of electronics stores. One day Chuck receives an email from a CIA agent, a long-time friend. Reading it, his mind is transformed: all the secret information of the Intersect, the CIA database, is transferred to his brain. He will then begin to live a double life as a clerk and secret agent specializing in computer science and cyber crime.

Chuck is available on the Infinity platform.

Lupin on Netflix

Although this TV series doesn't openly talk about cybercrime, in reality episode after episode, the protagonist Assane Diop (Omar Sy) manages to accomplish his missions thanks to his computer skills.

He manages to take over the cameras of the Louvre or transmit his voice through the smart speaker of Gabriel Dumont's house. In short, the TV series shows - also in a quite disturbing way - how, thanks to the knowledge of new technologies, it is possible to control people, invade their privacy and in the most serious cases commit crimes.

Lupin is among the novelties of Netflix and had a huge success after its release.