3 TV series not to be missed if you liked Lost

If you're looking for a TV series like Lost here are these three unmissable alternatives


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Lost was an American TV series that had millions of fans, loved all over the world, considered by audiences and critics one of the best TV series of all time. Its main creator J.J.Abrams, in collaboration with Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber, created a cult series in 2004.

Lost tells the story of a group of survivors of a plane crash who find themselves lost on a mysterious island in the southern Pacific Ocean. Each episode is set on the island, as the main narrative; this is flanked by a whole series of flashbacks, almost a parallel narrative that deepens the story of one or more characters. The philosophical, scientific and religious elements blend with the supernatural. The first series was watched by 16 million people and the last by 11 this to validate the success of Lost.

Twin Peaks the TV series that changed the nineties

David Lynch and Mark Frost in the nineties created a cult TV series, which revolutionized the drama thriller and attached to the screen millions of viewers around the world to answer a single question: Who killed Laura Palmer? 

Twin Peaks has had the great merit of influencing many subsequent series such as Lost itself, True Detective, X Files or Black Mirror.

Set in a fictional mountain town, it tells of the discovery of the corpse of Laura Palmer and other girls, slowly unraveling numerous secrets of the apparent tranquility of the citizens of Twin Peaks.

Dark: The Secrets of Widen

Two children disappear in Widen, a small German town, in 2019. After the disappearance of the first boy, the police begin to investigate, but strange and picturesque phenomena begin to occur: the death of numerous birds and electrical impulses that generate power surges. The older inhabitants remember how already 33 years ago all this happened just before the disappearance of Mads Nielsen a 13 years old boy whose tracks were mysteriously lost.

In Dark, the plot is based on the principle of self-consistency: some characters can move through time, but they are not able to change the past, neither theirs nor that of others: they are predestined.

Sense8: one mind in different bodies

Sense8 is a TV series created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, authors of the giant Matrix. The Wachowski sisters, have created an intriguing and countercultural science fiction series.

In 8 parts of the world 8 strangers the Sense8 begin to feel connected to each other. In each episode their bond will grow stronger and they will discover that they are sensates. They can help each other, using their extrasensory abilities, like super powers while being in distant parts of the world. Sense8 is an ode to the deepest empathy: a journey into telepathy, intriguing and mysterious.