3 TV series similar to The American Horror Story

If you are a horror genre lover and American Horror Story fan these three titles are a must watch. Let's find out the stories and where to watch them

The American Horror Story is for many the ultimate encyclopedia of horror and suspense. Rich in famous quotes, it has always been able to capture the attention of fans by making them live dark atmospheres full of tension: the adrenaline rush is guaranteed. The creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are true geniuses of the genre and their work is appreciated by fans.

In the wake of the great success of the mother series The American Horror Story are now several spin-offs that have followed: the first was American Horror Stories that has already been renewed for a second season. Two other spin-offs with very different and exciting themes are in the making: a sports one and a sentimental one. La rete via cavo FX ha infatti annunciato qualche settimana di essere in fase di preparazione di American Love Story e American Sports Story sempre con le geniali idee di Ryan Murphy & company. Ci vorrà ancora un po’ per vedere i nuovi lavori antologici, nel frattempo, se avete amato American Horror Story potrebbero interessarvi queste tre serie similari.


Ratched è l’iconica infermiera di Qualcuno volò sul nido del cuculo: spietata e lucida. In questa serie si racconta la storia di Mildred Ratched che giunge in California ed entra a far parte di uno dei più importanti ospedali psichiatrici. Il dottor Richard Hannover è il visionario primario che gestisce il centro dove sono giornaliere le cruente pratiche a danno dei pazienti. Il personaggio di Ratched si svela puntata dopo puntata, anche se fin da subito il suo sguardo penetrante e il suo atteggiamento lasciano trasparire un lato oscuro. There were eight episodes in the first season and Ratched, thanks to its extraordinary success, has been renewed for a second one.


The passion for thrillers and horror flows vigorously in the TV series Hannibal. Based on the novels by Thomas Harris, like the movie of the same name, it chronicles the life of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. During the day Dr. Lecter is an esteemed and well-known psychiatrist, but at night he follows his darkest instincts, turning into a brutal cannibal serial killer. Hannibal, a profound connoisseur of human nature in all its forms, begins to collaborate with an FBI agent Will Ghram. A special relationship is created between them. Will learn thanks to Hannibal to recognize serial killers and then understand who he has before his eyes. Egregious interpretation of Hannibal by Mads Mikkelsen and the FBI agent by Hugh Dancy.

Bates Motel

The protagonist of this TV series, currently available on Amazon Prime Video is Norman Bates as a young man. Bates Motel can be considered as a prequel to one of Alfred Hitchcok's best-known and most popular films, Psycho. The setting is prior to the events narrated in the famous film of the British director and tells the complex relationship between Norman and his mother Norma. Five seasons that accompany the journey to the knowledge of the young boy, before the shocking facts of which we know to be capable in Pyscho.