3 TV series to watch at Easter 2021

What to do over the Easter vacation? Watch one or more TV series: here are three that you can watch in less than 10 hours, perfect for the long weekend.

The Easter vacations 2021 will be in the red zone, so we will have to limit our movements. But to make the days more enjoyable we can watch a TV series, alone or with the whole family. The streaming platforms every month update the catalog with dozens of titles designed for every taste.

Easter is the ideal time to watch a first season or even a mini-series, which being composed of a few episodes, ends in a handful of days. Not to mention that just in April the platforms have included many new titles, ideal for those who have already seen really everything and find themselves running out of ideas. Of course, we can also look back at some of the big hits we've already talked about: from Bridgerton to Boris, right up to the best episodes of The House of Paper, while waiting for the longed-for fifth season. In short, the opportunities are endless. Here are three TV series you absolutely must watch during the Easter vacations.

Easter TV Series 2021: Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

Behind Her Eyes is a truly breathtaking psychological thriller. It centers on the life of a single mother, Louise Barnisley who begins an affair with her boss, David Ferguson and simultaneously befriends his wife, Adele.

The series is a series of mysteries to solve, past traumas that return, guilt and turmoil of all kinds. It manages to keep the audience glued to the TV. And maybe that's why it's perfect for the Easter vacations. In addition, it is really fast to watch: composed of 6 episodes of about 50 minutes, it is watched in less than 6 hours. Behind His Eyes is available on Netflix.

LOL: Who's Laughing is Out on Amazon Prime Video

If, on the other hand, you're in the mood for a light and funny show that's ideal for the whole family, LOL: Who's Laughing is Out is your best bet. The program is one of the new releases of April on Amazon Prime Video and is already a success.

Hosted by Fedez and Mara Maionchi, it focuses on real challenges between Italian comedians: Elio, Angelo Pintus, Ciro and Fru of The Jackal, Caterina Guzzanti, Frank Matano, Lillo Petrolo, Katia Follesa, Luca Ravenna and Michea Giraud. The 10 participants must try to make the others laugh with sketches, jokes and other scenes. The winner is the one who manages not to laugh and therefore reaches the final.

The first 4 episodes of LOL: whoever laughs is out are available on Amazon Prime Video, while the next ones will be released on April 8.

The Serpent on Netflix

This TV series was released on April 2, 2021 on Netflix, so it is a first. Perfect for those who don't want to leave any titles behind. The Serpent centers on the true story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj, played by actor Tahar Rahim.

Posing as a trader of precious objects, Sobhraj travels with his girlfriend between India, Thailand and Nepal, where he commits a series of murders, along the Hippie Trail, all towards young Western tourists. The man becomes the Interpool's most wanted man. The mini-series is available on Netflix and consists of 8 episodes of about 1 hour each.