3 TV series to watch if you liked Lupin

Let's discover together three TV series not to be missed if you are among the fans of Lupin


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Lupin is a French television series, inspired by Maurice Leblanc's novels featuring one of the most famous thieves of all time: Arsenio Lupin. The series is based on the gentleman thief par excellence but there is in fact, no close adaptation to Leblanc's books. The first season consists of two parts of five episodes each.

The protagonist of Lupin is Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy of "Almost Friends", a young Senegalese immigrated to France with his father when he was a boy. Assane sees his life completely turned upside down after the death of his father, convicted of a crime never committed by a wealthy family. After some time, the stolen necklace reappears, but the damage is done. Assane has harbored an irrepressible anger and revenge for the family that destroyed his life. He supports himself with small thefts and after 25 years he decides to carry out his revenge. Drawing inspiration from the book "Arsenio Lupin, gentleman thief" given to him by his father, he will carry out his theft.

Sherlock to see another perspective

Sherlock is like Assane Diop, extremely intelligent and attentive to every detail: a great observer. Nothing escapes his eye. With the Sherlock series, the perspective of observation changes: we switch to that of the investigator.

Sherlock, like Lupin, is an adaptation of Sir Conan Doyle's famous novels that have as their protagonist, the eccentric Sherlock Holmes with his friend and assistant Dr. Watson. The adventures take place in present-day London where Dr. Watson returning from the war in Afghanistan, looking for his place in the world, will become Holmes' roommate at 221B Baker Street.

The drama series Sherlock is available on the Netflix platform with four seasons plus a special.

The Heist of the Century

The miniseries The Heist of the Century consists of six episodes and is based on true events. It tells the story of how in 1994 a gang of thieves attacked the Bank of the Republic of Colombia: this fact shocked the country.

The Robbery of the Century could be considered the half-sister of The House of Paper. The miniseries follows the lives of Roberto Lonzano, known as Chayo, and Molina, the lawyer. Extraordinary the ability of the screenwriters and photographers to evoke the flavors and images of those years.

It is available on the Netflix platform.

Sneaky Pete 

Sneaky Pete is an American television series created by David Shore, former screenwriter of Doctor House - Medical Division

It tells the story of a con man, Marius Josipovic, who released from prison on parole, assumes the name of his cellmate to escape his creditor: Vince Lonigan masterfully played by Bryan Lee Cranston of Breaking Bad.

Sneaky Pete is on Amazon Prime Video.