4 tricks to fix iPhone battery issues

If you're having iPhone battery issues, the latest update you downloaded may be to blame. Here's how to fix it

Over the past few months, numerous Apple users have reported battery malfunctions on their mobile devices, including sudden shutdowns, blackouts, and erratic charge indications. The problems have affected several iPhone models, especially the iPhone 6 and 6S.

It seems that an iOS update, 10.2, caused the glitches. Normally, it is easy to encounter these situations after installing a new version of the operating system. The update, in fact, brings changes and in some cases can create instability to the battery, "calibrated" to work with the previous settings. As a result, the battery may drain faster or register other types of problems. Nothing particularly worrying. With a few tricks, in fact, you can solve some of these defects.

Recalibrate the battery

The first action to put into practice is to recalibrate the iPhone battery. Don't know how to do that? Don't worry, it's very simple. Recharge the battery and bring it to 100%. Then discharge it completely (the iPhone should turn itself off). At this point you need to repeat the first step and charge your Apple device to 100% again. After that, you will need to perform a hard reset: press the power button and the home button together. And that's it.

Restore Settings

With the first tip you didn't solve the problem? Let's proceed. As mentioned, the iPhone's battery may drain quickly because of the previous settings. Let's restore them. It will be sufficient to go first in "Settings" and from there in "General". Then just go into "Restore" and press the "Restore Settings". What will happen next? The device will reboot, restoring the default settings but without deleting your data.

Check the apps

Still nothing? Take a look at your apps. It is possible that some of them are draining your battery in the background. Especially check any apps that ask to use location. If so, disable the feature.

Restore Factory Settings

As the old saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. If the previous measures didn't have any effect, as an extema ratio you could try to restore the iPhone to factory conditions. The procedure will also erase all data on the device. It is therefore advisable to make a backup before continuing. There are two ways to restore the device: via iTunes or directly from the iPhone. Let's choose the second one. Enter the settings, then "General" and then "Restore". At this point all you have to do is hit "Initialize Content and Settings" and your iPhone will be good as new.