4G smartphones: Vodafone has the best network in Italy

Vodafone guarantees the best 4G network in Italy, both for connection speed and coverage. Here are all the details

Vodafone boasts the best 4G network in Italy, according to the report published on the 4G Mark analysis platform. This is a monitoring conducted on the quality of the networks and their speed, which has put under examination the different phone operators in our country. Vodafone obtained the highest overall score, followed by Tim and Iliad.

The expression 4G refers to the fourth generation standard of mobile technology. It is currently the most widespread in Italy, although the 5G network is destined to supplant it in the coming years. This standard guarantees a connection via ultra-wideband and allows users to easily connect to external devices, such as high-definition smart TVs. It also allows for smooth video conferencing or access to cloud computing services. Vodafone beats everyone in terms of both speed and coverage.

G 4G network: which is the best in Italy?

The 4G Mark platform has released quarterly data referring to the quality of the 4G network in Italy. The results are related to download and upload, that is the speed of navigation with smartphone. The study also took care of calculating the loading speed of a web page, after clearing the browser cache. Finally, the user experience when viewing videos on Youtube was analyzed: the monitoring focused on the percentage of videos played in 12 seconds.

What are the test results?

Based on these analyses, the study was able to decree the phone operator that offers the best 4G network in Italy. The picture shows that the first position firmly belongs to Vodafone, which earns a total of 24776 points. It is followed by Tim with 20568 points. But it is the third classified that is the real news. Iliad in fact climbs on the podium, ousting Wind Tre for the speed of the connection offered in both download and upload.

Vodafone got the best results: the transfer speed was 34 Mbps in download and 12.5 Mbps in upload. Tim, on the other hand, recorded 28.3 Mbps download and 10.8 Mbps upload. Iliad is placed in third position with 14.4 Mbps and 8.4 Mbps respectively. Wind Three disappoints because it guarantees a range of 13.7 and 7.2 Mbps and arrives in fourth position.

Vodafone guarantees the best coverage

Vodafone beats everyone, not only for connection speed. It is the only reality to guarantee 82% of 4G coverage in the Italian territory. Tim stops at 78% while Wind reaches 67%. Iliad, despite its young age, occupies the fourth position, with 66% of coverage, followed by 3 Italia that instead covers 58% of the territory. These data refer to the 4G network, but with the spread of 5G perhaps the scenario will change. You just have to stay updated to understand which is the best Italian phone operator.