5 browser extensions to save time and work better

Whoever works on the Web needs some tools to make their tasks easier and faster, here are the plugins to have on your browser to be more efficient

Working with the computer can be complicated, especially if we constantly use browsers and have to do long operations to perform simple actions. Fortunately, our work on the Net can be made much more intuitive with the use of some extensions.

Let's start with the extensions that are essential to improve our experience while working on the Internet. We are talking about the plugins that we apply on our web browsers to block advertisements. Those are called adblockers in jargon, and the most famous one not surprisingly on Chrome and Firefox is AdBlock. On Mozilla a good choice is also represented by AdBlocker Ultimate. On the various browsers there are an infinity of similar extensions. Be careful though, not all of them are harmless. On the contrary, many of them contain malware code inside them and worsen the security of our device instead of improving it.

Manage passwords

Remembering all passwords for various online accounts is impossible. And at the same time using the same credential all the time is the best way to be a victim of a hacker attack. So how to do it? Simple we can use a browser plugin that will remember for us all the passwords we have used on the web. On Chrome and Firefox the most popular extension for this function is LastPass.

Plugin to concentrate

Who works online risks to be constantly distracted by the impulses he receives from the Net. Messages, videos, photos and news in real time. How do you stay focused? Easy, just use extensions that limit the possible distractions. Among the best in this field are WasteNoTime for Chrome and LeechBlock for Firefox. These apps allow you to create a blacklist of sites that we won't be able to view during working hours.

Set Goals

Whoever works on the web usually needs to open several browsing windows. To retrieve as much data as possible or to be able to use several programs at a time. In this context, it is not easy to keep track of the tasks that need to be done. We could make ourselves a paper list near our desk, but the method would slow us down a lot. And something could still slip through the cracks. Better to rely on a plugin like Todoist. It is an extension, available for Chrome and Firefox, that allows you to view the entire to-do list by simply clicking on the to-do icon next to the URL bar.

Take a screenshot

It can often happen that in order to process a text or a job we need to save some infographics or images, or even whole pages from the web. A screenshot, which is an image that captures the page displayed on the screen, is the best method for those who have to do this type of work. On Windows and Mac there are several screenshot functions but none of them are as efficient as Screenshot Awesome. A plugin that runs on Chrome and Firefox.