5 Messenger tricks to chat faster

Facebook Messenger offers so many more services: you can play games with your friends or send animated GIFs. Here are five tricks that improve the use of the app

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular applications among smartphone users regarding instant messaging. However, not everyone knows that there are a few tricks inside the app that will help you get the most out of it.

With over a billion users using it every month, Facebook Messenger has become one of WhatsApp's direct competitors. The features offered are many: from the ability to make video calls to sending photos, videos and GIFs. The use is very simple, but as in all instant messaging applications are hidden tricks that allow you to speed up the launch of some features or access some secrets. For example, Facebook has recently added a platform with dozens of video games available to use directly within Messenger. Here are two tricks for Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Messenger contrary to what many may think is not a platform useful only for messages and sending funny emoji, but within it is possible to have fun to mini-games and challenge friends. Sure, don't imagine exciting graphics or an overly complicated and elaborate storyline, but several video games on Messenger can distract you in moments of boredom or fuel your chats with friends. With the latest version of the application you can play, alone or challenging a friend, several titles, including some super classics such as Pacman or Snake.

Messenger from PC

Since the summer of 2015 Facebook Messenger is also available for users without a Facebook account. Therefore, there is no need to download applications or subscribe to the social to use the service. Messenger has, in fact, its own web platform. Just look for it on your browser and sign up using a username and password. Once you have logged in or signed up, you can use all the services in the application directly from the screen of your computer.

Chat Highlights

Messenger is very successful thanks to its groups. There are school groups, work groups, friends groups, groups for parties and anniversaries and family groups. In short, there is a group for every eventuality. Getting lost among all these conversations is very easy. For this reason it is useful to create shortcuts to find more quickly those two or three contacts with whom we chat more often. Doing so is simple, go to the chat of the desired contact, and click on the menu at the top right. At this point we click the Create Link option. The links will be inserted directly into the home page of your smartphone.


GIFs are increasingly used in Messenger: they are funny and create nice conversations. To share them on Messenger you don't need to copy and paste the link of a GIF found on the Net, just click on @dailycute and an animated image will appear in your comment.

Disable notifications

In Messenger you can block incoming notifications from a group or a specific contact. You can also stop them by choosing a time frame: 15 minutes, one hour, 8 hours and 24 hours. Or notifications can be blocked until the alarm clock rings or until we manually reactivate them. Doing so is simple, let's go to the Menu and then to the Notifications item. At this point we'll have to choose whether to Enable or Disable notifications. If we deactivate them in the menu with three vertical dots, in the upper right corner, we can decide how long to block them.