5 new features you’ll find in the new iPhone App Store

With the launch of iOS 11, Apple is introducing some new features, especially in the App Store, which will feature improved graphics and new functionality

At the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017, the annual conference that Apple dedicates to developers, the California-based company presented numerous new features, including iOS 11. The new operating system for mobile devices from Cupertino, as already seen in San Jose, includes many interesting features.

Although iOS 11 is not yet available for users of the bitten apple - it will in fact arrive next September - the beta version allows you to take a look at its features. The most interesting aspect of iOS 11, making a first assessment, is that it seems quite different from previous versions. And not only because of the introduction of new features, such as the "Do Not Disturb While Driving", the tool that blocks notifications while driving, or the feature that will automatically delete the less used applications. There's much more. Above all, Apple has transformed the App Store.

App Store: new section added

In comparison to previous versions, iOS 11 partly changes the look of its digital store by introducing Today, a new section in which the games and apps of the day are listed. Each software, which the store will consider interesting, will be accompanied by a summary card, which will be accompanied by images, information and reviews. The new section is also graphically pleasing. Also very interesting is the feature that from time to time shows in Today guides and tricks on some of the most popular applications.

Introduced new sections

Apple Store also changes regarding the tabs. In iOS 11, compared to previous versions, there will be a section entirely dedicated to games, which in turn will be divided into several categories, and one aimed at applications, which will make the search and discovery of new apps even easier. The two new tabs will take the place of the "Category" and "Rankings" tabs.

In-app purchases

The new operating system also introduces new features in relation to in-app purchases. To find out if an app allows you to buy extra content, just take a look at its information, where you can also know in detail (including the price) what in-app purchases are provided by the app. In addition, you can also buy content directly from the App Store.

Clearer Reviews and Scores

The App Store also changes in relation to the reviews issued and scores obtained by the apps. Compared to previous versions, on iOS 11 the ratings will be highlighted more prominently. The age-based rating factor and the "What's New" section will also be highly visible. And that's not all. Apple will also give developers the opportunity, as it happens in the Google Play Store, to respond directly to user reviews.

New Look

Other novelties concern the graphical appearance of the App Store, largely redesigned. Icons appear more defined, as does the text, which seems much clearer and more visible than in other versions.