5 reasons why a gaming PC is better than a console

Most gaming enthusiasts usually use a console, however, there are five good reasons why it's better to choose a PC

Gaming PC or console?  The great dilemma of gaming enthusiasts. It's hard to get everyone to agree. Those who like to play on a console are unlikely to adapt to the world of computer games. Yet there are several reasons to choose a gaming PC.

Let's face it consoles have more success and appeal to most gamers around the world. And the reason is very simple: they are much, but much, cheaper to buy and more convenient to use. Gaming PCs have a relatively high cost and to keep up with the various titles released we'll have to continually update it, installing new components with increasingly advanced specifications and more and more performing. It is no coincidence that to prefer PCs to play video games are almost always users with more knowledge in the field of computing. Despite these aspects that could tip the scales on the side of the videogame consoles, there are also valid reasons to prefer a computer to a PlayStation or an Xbox.

Online gaming is free

There are some titles that owe their success to multiplayer features. Think of FIFA or Call of Duty, just to name two well-known ones. Online challenges on consoles, however, are not free. We'll have to subscribe to a subscription plan, either monthly or yearly, to be able to challenge friends or any user from the other side of the world. Most PC titles, on the other hand, allow you to play online totally free of charge. 

You don't have to buy the latest version

As mentioned, buying a gaming computer isn't cheap, but it's an initial investment that could save us money in the long run. For example, after a couple of years, consoles become obsolete and manufacturers release a new version. Translated, it means having to spend twice the amount of money paid just one or two years earlier to be able to play with the latest titles released on the market. With gaming PCs this doesn't happen: if we have a minimum of manual dexterity, we can replace the components of our computer independently and slowly upgrade our device. Until you get a computer that can support any game, even those with super graphics or that affect a lot of CPU.

Video games cost less

If you've always played consoles maybe you've never noticed, but PC titles cost less. Not always at launch. In fact in the first few weeks the price can be very high. But after a short time from the release of a title on the Net begin to find numerous offers. For example, on the Steam platform, in a cyclic way, several titles released in recent months can reach from 66% to 80% off.

You don't lose your video games

Thanks to platforms like Steam, you can save your favorite games on the Net and easily retrieve them even if you change or upgrade your computer. The same can't be said for consoles, although to tell the truth in recent times both Sony and Microsoft are making numerous improvements to their video game platforms to ensure greater compatibility between older and newer versions.

They are the home of eSports

If you want to become a professional gamer having a gaming PC will be the basis from which to start. It must be said that the world of eSports is in a huge expansion phase and has now involved consoles as well, and it is also true that according to experts the future of professional video games is mobile, but at the moment nothing can be compared to eSports titles for PC. As an example, two of the most popular computer games, Dota 2 and League of Legends, have reached a prize pool of over 30 million euros in the last year.