5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Keeping Your Old iPhone

The release of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X has suddenly made Cupertino's previous smartphones obsolete, but is making the switch right away worth it?

Since the unveiling of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple-affiliated users have had a dilemma: should I buy Cupertino's new smartphone or can I keep using my old iPhone? The choice is less obvious than expected. And there are several reasons not to change iPhone.

According to market experts, buying an iPhone on the day of its official release is never a good idea. And the reason is quite simple. At the beginning there are always bugs that Apple can't detect until the device is used by a considerable number of users. That's why it is advisable to let a few months pass before making the purchase so that the Cupertino company solves all the problems related to the new smartphones. In addition, we must also consider the radical change in the user experience. Before buying iPhone 8 or iPhone X we consider if we want to deal with wireless charging and facial recognition. These are, in fact, two very interesting features but that may not appeal to everyone.

Wireless headphones and price drop

As already happened with iPhone 7 also on iPhone 8 and iPhone X Apple has decided not to insert the good old headphone jack. This means that we will only be able to use wireless headphones on the new smartphones from Cupertino. That is, theĀ AirPods. Translated means spending more money for an accessory that is often included by manufacturers who have not yet abandoned the headphone jack. In addition, if we do not have huge pretensions at the level of smartphones but we want to buy an Apple device this is the right time to buy an iPhone 6. This model, given the release of the iPhone 8, will undergo substantial reductions. And the same will happen for the latest iPhone 7.

Processors adapted to the needs

During the presentation of the iPhone X, Apple stated that the new phone is about 25% faster than the iPhone 7. This is thanks to the new A11 Bionic processor. But if we make a normal use of our smartphone, that is, we use some applications, send many messages, take photos and videos and download two or three games the processor on board iPhone 6 will be more than fine for our needs. In short, if we're not looking for augmented reality we won't feel the need to change our phone.

Take care of your old iPhone

The release of the new iPhones immediately made all other Apple smartphones feel obsolete. However, this doesn't have to force us to buy the new iPhone X. If our old Cupertino phone is starting to have problems we can think of changing the battery, with an official Apple, to increase the autonomy and change maybe the cover to refresh the design of the phone. In addition, with the arrival of iOS 11 we will have many new features to optimize the performance of our iPhone.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging fascinates us. The idea of being able to charge our phone just by leaning it against a power source makes us feel like we're already in the future. Incredibly, however, there is no need to spend a thousand euros to have a device equipped with this technology. There are in fact many covers that make our phone rechargeable even without a charger and a power outlet.