5 tips to create wedding planner website

For a wedding planner it is essential to create a website to attract new clients. Here are some tips on how to make it

The wedding planner is one of the jobs born in the last decade and is gaining more and more space in society. Not everyone has the time to organize their wedding and are helped by real specialists in the field, who have no problem to meet the demands of the newlyweds.

To be able to emerge in an industry where competition is increasing, it is necessary to create a website that is a real virtual showcase from which to show off their skills and work done. For a freelancer who performs a particular job as the wedding planner is impossible not to have a website. Most users, before contacting a person who will organize their wedding, want to be sure that he is good and capable. And the only way they can find out is to see images of their work.

Who I am and where I am

To create a relationship of trust with the user/client it is necessary to talk immediately about your professional career and the goals you have achieved. In this way the user will be able to understand our professionalism and the love we dedicate to our work. Create a section "About me" and "How to reach us" is the first thing to do when creating the site of a wedding planner. In the section "About me" you can also insert the testimonials of your clients, while in "How to reach us" you could add a map with all the directions.

Invest in content

How to reach new potential customers? Opening a website and filling it with images of your work is not enough. It is necessary to invest on quality contents that give precise answers to the questions that users ask on the Net. The articles that you publish on your website must be optimized for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. These are the strategies to be used so that your website is in the top positions of search engines for certain keywords. In the case of wedding planners, you need to be first for search queries such as: "best wedding planner Rome", "best wedding planner Milan", "who to ask for help to organize the wedding", "cheap wedding planner". The work of the wedding planner is also linked to the territory of reference, which is why it is also very important the Local SEO, ie optimization of content for search engines based on a precise location. To find the keywords on which to focus you can use services and free programs such as Google Keyword Planner and Answerthepublic.

Catalog with the services offered

If a possible customer enters our site must be aware of what we can offer. It is necessary to create a page where users can choose what services they need to prepare their wedding. It makes more sense to create a catalog with the services offered by giving added value to the customization rather than creating an e-commerce with standard packages, since the work of the wedding planner is based primarily on the demands of users.

Quality photos

Publishing on the website images of the work done is very important to convince users/customers that we are the best wedding planner on the market. For this reason it is necessary to take good pictures of every job we do and create a sort of digital album that users can browse online. It is essential that all the photos posted are bright and showcase our work.


A wedding planner website that works must necessarily have a booking form.

A wedding planner website that works must necessarily have an online booking form. This is a very useful feature to increase the number of potential clients. When it comes to weddings the date is everything!