5 tips to make a website for handmade

If you are going to start selling handmade items on the internet, you need to start with the website and the e-commerce store

Italy is a country of saints, poets and navigators, but also of artisans. There are thousands of small and medium-sized businesses that rely on local craftsmanship. Handmade products that we usually see in the Christmas markets or in the squares of the most important Italian cities.

For many people it is a hobby, but with the right investments it can also become a real job. Handmade products always have a great charm on people, who prefer to spend a few more euros on a "unique" object rather than save money and buy a mass-produced product. But to turn your passion into a job you need to open a website and an e-commerce store, otherwise we will have to limit ourselves to selling our products only in local markets.

Who we are

Let's start from the basics. The first tip to follow when creating your DIY website is to include a section to explain "About Us". In this way the user/customer who wants to buy one of the products we make will be more convinced to do so. If we explain who we are, how we work and the materials we use, it will almost seem like buying in a real store and not on a website.


If we are going to sell DIY products it is necessary to open, in addition to the website, an e-commerce. In this way we can hope to make our passion become a real job. To create an e-commerce organized into categories and sub-categories is not necessary to rely on an advertising agency, just know the tools offered by the network.


In a website dedicated to handmade can not miss a section devoted to tutorials. Showing users some of the secrets of the trade increases the chances that the items for sale will be purchased. It is not necessary to make video tutorials, even a simple photo report that explains the steps to create a handmade frame or a necklace can work and consolidate our credibility as artisans.

Seo Oriented Content

We have a website, we have an e-commerce, what is missing are the users/customers. To intercept the appreciation of the users it is necessary that our products occupy the first positions on the search engines. And to do this it is necessary to create SEO oriented content, that is designed for search engines. Within the content that we are going to write for our site, there should be the keywords most searched by users regarding our industry. For example, if we make necklaces we will try to position ourselves for the keywords "best necklaces online", "where to buy a necklace online", or for search intent focused on a particular model of necklace. To understand what are the keywords to use you can also use free tools such as answerthepublic or Google Keyword Planner.

Do not lose sight of the photos

It may seem trivial, but a tip to follow in the creation of the website for handmade is to use beautiful images. Photos that allow the user to really understand what he is buying and with how much care it was made. Not the classic mass-produced assembly line item, but a unique and special product. Images can make your business take a quantum leap forward.