5 tricks to figure out if your smart TV is spying on you

Did you just buy a smart TV for your home and want to figure out if it's spying on you? Here's how to do it and most importantly some tricks to make it safer.

You've recently purchased a smart TV and can't wait to try it out and install your favorite apps. As you may know, a smart TV allows you to boot up Netflix and watch your series on the big screen, as well as YouTube videos, or Amazon Prime Video. However, before you rejoice too much, there are some things you need to know.

Like all cutting-edge digital systems, smart TVs can put your privacy at risk. A recent release from the FBI warns users about smart TVs. In a nutshell, it was noted that many of these appliances could be used by hackers to spy on users. The fact that the news was not communicated by the FBI headquarters in Washington is good news: it is only a risk but not an emergency. Fortunately, there are tricks to figure out if your smart TV is spying on you.

Check if your smart TV has a camera

The first way to figure out if your smart TV is spying on you is to check for cameras, microphones or other video or audio access points. In fact, these components are a golden opportunity to spy on you by listening or watching from behind the monitor. In this way, possible criminals can obtain confidential information from conversations that take place within the four walls, or they can learn about the movements of tenants and so on. To prevent information leakage, it might be helpful to cover both the microphone and the video with a fabric.

Disable the microphone

The second way to prevent the network from spying on you is to disable the camera and microphone, which are often connected to your account. For example, if you have a Google account, it's crucial to keep an eye on the information you share with the outside world.

Change your smart TV password

Most smart devices have default passwords that are often not changed by users. Unfortunately, they are very easy to discover. And so it's a snap to log into the smart TV and change the account credentials, taking over the TV. If you have just purchased such a television, hurry up and change the preset passwords. It's a first step in increasing the security level of the device.

Updating TV Firmware

Before buying a particular model, you should inquire about the firmware. For example, some smart TVs update automatically, and this is especially true for current models. Unfortunately, some newer models are still on the market but are not able to update automatically. Therefore, you need to download the appropriate firmware.

Make passwords strong and change them frequently

The last way to make smart TV inviolable is to use strong and complex passwords for login accounts. However, this applies to all the connected devices you use during your days, not to mention the access key of your home wi-fi network. These are real locks that criminals can't wait to pick and break into. To keep the security level of your television, as well as your computer and smartphone high, aim for a password that's hard to crack and you'll be well on your way.