5 tricks to survive with a smartphone with low memory

If our phone has low memory it will be hard to download new apps and take photos, luckily there are these tricks that can solve the situation

Using an Android smartphone with low memory is a tough task. Downloading new apps is practically impossible and even taking a photo can create problems. In these cases you need to use solutions that allow you to solve the issue permanently.

Having little space on the smartphone memory, not only makes impossible even the simplest actions, but also affects the overall performance of the smartphone. Want to access the photo gallery? It takes at least a couple of minutes. And the same goes for launching an application or listening to a piece of music. Keeping an eye on your device's memory, especially if you only have 16GB of space, is essential for the device to function properly.

Backing up

First thing's first, we need to make a backup, especially of images. You don't even need to download any new apps to do this. Just use Google's Photos app. The app allows us to save our photo gallery to the cloud. This solution will allow us to retrieve our shots in the future even from devices other than the smartphone. To enable backups on Android just go to Settings > Backup and Sync and tick off the Backup item. We can also schedule regular backups.

Use "Lite" Apps

Most of the apps and social networks we use nowadays on our smartphones have a "lite" alter ego, which is lighter in terms of battery consumption, data connection and memory usage. In case we notice strange slowdowns on the smartphone we should consider installing the lite app.

Delete Cache

To avoid accumulation of junk data, it's a good idea to delete the files stored in our cache from time to time. Images, videos and shortcuts saved in this section are useful for the phone to avoid long loading times when using applications. But at the same time they weigh down, and not a little, the memory. If we already have a smartphone with memory occupied, we need to clear the cache on a regular basis. To do this, go to Apps, then Settings, then Storage, and then select Clean Cache.

Delete duplicate photos

Nowadays, if you use WhatsApp a lot, especially in groups, you can find your gallery clogged with unnecessary and often duplicate photos. Many people don't notice this detail, but it is an aspect that can slow down not only the most obsolete smartphones but, in the long run, even the recent ones. To avoid having a gallery full of duplicate photos, use applications like Siftr Magic Cleaner. The app scans our gallery in seconds and tells us which photos to delete. And all you have to do is press OK.

Use streaming apps

Everyone likes to have their favorite music on their phone. Too bad this solution clogs the memory very quickly. So what can we do to not give up our tunes while traveling, on the road or at the gym? Simple, we can use apps that allow the playback of music tracks in streaming through the Internet connection. As happens for example on Spotify or Google Play Music.