5 unique features of the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is expected later this year, but since the presentation you can learn about five revolutionary features of the console: here are what they are

We know practically everything about the new PlayStation 5, except for the price, design and new games that will be released in conjunction with or along with the launch of the PS5 expected near Christmas time 2020. We know practically all the features and technical specifications of the console, but what are the key information that you need to keep in mind when the fateful moment of purchase finally comes?

The presentation of the PS5 which took place a few weeks ago has made a lot of talk. The console has a very powerful hardware with some features that have naturally made fans turn up their noses a bit, but at the same time some unique features that will make the PlayStation 5 the console to have at Christmas. Here's a list with the five unique features of the PS5.

Super-fast loading times

The PS5's new ultra-fast SSD hard drive will allow for dramatically shorter game loading times. Marc Cerny, lead systems architect for the PS5 project, not long ago demonstrated how the use of the SSD drive was able to reduce loading times using "Marvel's Spider-Man" as an example. On PS4 Pro, the game loaded in 8.10 seconds, while on PS5 the loading time was reduced to just 0.8 seconds.

The SSD drive present on the PlayStation 5 is customized directly by Sony to achieve higher than normal performance and a special operation that avoids "clogging" the RAM memory. This solution not only significantly reduces loading times, but also console restarts.

3D Audio: Immersive Technology

Sony has specially designed technology for the PS5's audio compartment: Tempest 3D Audio Engine. This new technology uses custom hardware and software algorithms to make game audio more realistic and immersive. The difference, according to Mark Cerny, is that the new Sony-owned audio technology will be compatible with all stereo headphones, soundbars, TV speakers and home entertainment systems on the market.

PSSP4 Game Backwards Compatibility on PlayStation 5

The PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games. You will be able to play titles from the past generation using a special mode on the console. On PlayStation 5 there will be two special modes: "Pro Legacy Mode" for PS4 Pro titles and "Legacy Mode" for those from the "normal" PS4.

Regarding the number of titles that will be compatible at the launch of PS5 there is, unfortunately, still much confusion: 100, 4,000, 1,000. You'll only find out at launch. As for possible compatibility with PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games, however, so far there has been no official statement from Sony.

The 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive

The PS5 will feature a built-in 4K Blu-ray player making the PS5 a de facto complete home entertainment system as well as a gaming console. The PS3 was equipped with a Blu-ray player, considered by many to be the crucial element that decreed the success of the new format, but the evolution of the Blu-ray player with its 4K had not yet been introduced in either the PS4 or the PS4 Pro. Sony is therefore repeating the same strategy used with the launch of the PS3, while also winking at movie buffs who, by purchasing a PS5, will not have to have a separate 4K Blu-ray player.

"Packaged" installation

The PS5's ultra-fast SSD drive will allow you to install and remove individual parts of a game without having to load the whole thing. You'll be able to access individual sections of a game separately and launch them directly as you play. In other words, Sony's next-generation console will allow gamers to jump directly to the individual aspects that make up different games, such as starting new games, saving levels and more, all without having to start the full game.

All of this will be made possible by the PS5's new operating system, which features a "templates" setting, allowing players to skip certain steps when starting games in a game, jumping directly to the game's home screen without waiting for the entire game to start.