5 Ways to Use Your Cell Phone Safely While Driving

When driving, your smartphone is your primary distraction tool. To use it safely, you can rely on headphones, Bluetooth and apps

Using your smartphone while driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents. People are now accustomed to answering WhatsApp messages or calling their friends while in line at traffic lights, without thinking about the danger they are creating for themselves and for other drivers.

A moment of distraction is enough to find yourself in the other lane and risk a head-on collision. Or not noticing an intersection because you were sending a voice memo to your partner. Using your smartphone while driving is prohibited by law, but if you have to use it in the car for work or necessity, you can do so by using simple tools that increase safety standards. It may sound strange, but to use your cell phone safely while driving, you need to get help from technology. One example? Headsets. If we need to make a phone call while driving, you need to use headsets that allow you to keep your hands firmly on the wheel, without losing control of the car.

But headsets aren't the only technological tool that allows you to use your smartphone safely while driving. There are also apps that block the use of the phone as soon as you enter the car, so as not to distract the driver, or modern infotainment systems that replace the smartphone in every function

Infotainment systems

The absolute safest way to use your smartphone in the car is to take advantage of the Bluetooth in most vehicles. Modern smart cars have infotainment systems that allow you to synchronize your smartphone with your car so you don't have to use your phone while driving. Need a number from the phonebook? Just interact with the infotainemnt system to get it, without taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. Same goes if you want to listen to your favorite music. The latest cars allow you to communicate with the infotainment system using your voice, as if you were talking to Siri or Google Assistant. Unfortunately, cars that integrate these smart systems are still the minority and you need to use other methods to drive safely.

Bluetooth Cigar Lighter

For those who don't have a Bluetooth system in their car, they can plug it in by spending very little money. In fact, there are portable Bluetooth devices that can be inserted into the cigar lighter and allow you to connect your cell phone to your car, turning it into a smart car. In this way, you can connect your cell phone with your car and make calls safely

USB cable

If your cigar lighter is broken, the alternative is to use a USB cable to connect your cell phone to your car. In this case the operation is a bit more complicated, because you will have to install on the cell phone an ad hoc software that allows to communicate with the car. If you manage to make the connection, you will be able to use the vehicle's stereo system to make phone calls in complete safety.

Using headphones

Talking on the phone while driving, in addition to being illegal and punishable by a six-month suspended license, is one of the riskiest actions a driver can take. If you must make a phone call, you should use a headset, so that you have both hands on the wheel and be ready in case of danger.


One of the sources of distraction while driving are apps. A message from WhatsApp, an invitation to an event on Facebook, and notification of a picture uploaded by your friend on Instagram. Notifications that arrive every second and put the safety of the motorist at risk. ANAS, in collaboration with the State Police, has created the GUIDAeBASTA application which silences all notifications once you are driving. The functioning is very simple: the user chooses the most beloved people to warn when driving, so as not to be disturbed. You will not receive messages on WhatsApp, emails and phone calls. Once you arrive at your destination, you will deactivate the travel mode and you can start using your smartphone again. The GUIDAeBASTA app is available for free for Android and iOS.

Even Apple has integrated a system into iOS 11 that recognizes when the user is driving. As soon as you turn on the car, your iPhone becomes unusable and you won't receive any calls or notifications.