6 tips for deleting a program you don’t want to uninstall

To delete a program you can't get rid of, you need to rely on Powershell or third-party software

Keeping your PC clean and tidy is essential, to use it smoothly and not slow down your computer's performance. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unwanted software that are very difficult to uninstall permanently. Here's how to get rid of them in just a few steps.

Apps, programs and various software over time can leave junk files and traces of their passage on our computer even after we delete them. In the long run this behavior may slow down your PC. To get rid of any unwanted software we can use the classic method by connecting to the Control Panel and once in the list of the various programs installed on our PC, we have to choose the ones we want to uninstall. As mentioned, this technique doesn't always allow us to really get rid of the programs downloaded on the computer. In case the unwanted software remained in the PC then we have to use another technique.

Preinstalled Programs

Among the various programs that are difficult to remove are the software preinstalled by Microsoft. These should not be removed from the Control Panel but with PowerShell. To find the command table just type PowerShell in the search bar at the bottom left, next to the Start menu. Once the application is found we press the right mouse button and select Run as administrator. Once in the command prompt we must enter: ppxPackage *3dbuilder* | Remove-AppxPackage. In this case we simulated to remove the 3D builder software but we can insert any program we want.  

Use an app

If the thought of using PowerShell doesn't appeal to us then we can rely on a third-party application that will do the dirty work for us. Among the best in this genre is 10AppsManager. It is a program that performs a check of the various pre-installed or unwanted software and asks us which ones to delete. A very convenient solution.

Background Files

Some programs can't be uninstalled because they "stick" to other software in use and therefore it is impossible for the computer to delete a blocked file. In most cases, these are files, apps and software that run in the background and not only clog up your memory, but also have negative effects on your battery and device performance. They are useless files so finding and deleting them must be our priority. To do this we can use a third-party app like Unlocker. Or we can turn on Safe Mode and delete them from there.

Restore or backup

If most of the problems arose after installing a particular program then the advice is to go back in time. We won't need a futuristic Back to the Future style machine to accomplish this, we'll just need to restart the PC from a previously created restore point or backup.