6 tips to create the website of your car dealership

For a car dealer is very important to land on the Net to increase the number of customers and sales. Here's how to make the website

The economic crisis has forced many car dealers to look for alternative ways to be able to maintain a high turnover. Among these "secondary" ways, the most simple, immediate and convenient is to open a website of your car dealership.

Opening to the world of the Net, allows you to have an audience of potential customers almost endless. Every year there are thousands of people who use the Internet to search for the best offer to buy a car. And being able to be in the first position in the search engines allows to have a big advantage on the competitors. But in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to know well the subject and to realize a website that is easy to navigate by the user and that provides all the information needed to buy a car.

Betting on Local SEO

To increase the number of users who visit the site is not enough to focus on low prices. It is necessary to intercept the traffic produced by users on search engines. There are thousands of people who use a search engine every day and type "car dealership Rome", "used cars", "car dealers Milan", "where to buy used cars in Bologna". The keywords used by users to search for a car online are many and for this reason it is necessary to invest heavily on Search Engine Optimization, that is the optimization of content for search engines. The goal of every car dealership is to position its website in the top positions for the most important keywords in the industry. In addition, many people perform geo-localized searches, i.e. they also add the city where they make the purchase. So the investment must be made on Local SEO, that is the optimization of content for search engines based on a precise location. Only in this way it will be possible to beat your opponents.

Catalogue of cars for sale

On the website must find place a catalog with all the cars for sale in the dealer. Each car must have its own personal card with the characteristics, the optional extras, the photos that show the bodywork and the interior and the asking price. Above all, the price must be explicit, to give the user the opportunity to compare it with that of other car dealers.

Luminous images

What can convince a user to buy a used car from your dealership? First and foremost, the price. But at the same price it is the condition of the car that makes the difference. For this reason the pictures of the car that we publish on the Internet must show that there are no scratches to the body and that the interiors are perfectly kept. Even a single photo can convince the users to buy the car in our dealership.

Who we are

The trust with the customer is built also thanks to its history. On the website of the dealership you can not miss a section dedicated to the history of the dealership and the professionalism of its employees. Reading on the website that the car dealer has over thirty years of experience in the field, increases the user's conviction that they are in the right place to buy their car.


If we have done a good job with SEO, it is likely that our site will be visited even by people who live tens of kilometers away and are not aware of our car dealership. Adding a map on the site with all the directions to follow to reach our dealership will allow you to "gain" even customers who come from another region.


To attract traffic to your website, one of the best tools is to send a monthly or weekly newsletter, which informs users of current offers and discounts reserved for loyal customers. In order to send an advertising email to a person, you need to have obtained their consent and their email address.