6 tricks to buy used games and save money

Video games are often expensive and not affordable for everyone, but buying them used is not always reliable. So let's see some tricks to do it safely

Video games are expensive, it's a fact. If we are fans of PC or console games, however, we can think of buying used titles and save money. Of course, it is not easy to buy used video games, and many do not trust. Let's see the tricks to use to buy a used video game.

If we are true fans of video games we can choose to buy new our two, three favorite titles of the year and then buy used the other games. Finding reliable sellers, even in physical stores, is never easy so we must always turn to trusted people. For this reason, on the Net, the two best solutions are eBay and Amazon. In these ecommerce sites, titles are often discounted and are subject to time offers. Especially on Amazon. In addition, you can find old titles really discounted or games that have become real milestones in the video game.

Exchanges with friends

This is an old technique but always effective. When we get tired of a game, rather than selling it or giving it away, we can think of proposing to a friend, or a schoolmate or a colleague, an equal exchange. The important thing is to make sure that the game does not have any active accounts. We could also think of a temporary exchange if we are too fond of that title. In this way we can try as many games as possible and spend very little.

Online Stores

If we don't find the title we are looking for on eBay or Amazon, or if we don't find it at a discount, we can try to do a search on the various online stores. In this case we pay close attention to the site and make sure that it is reliable. Many of them will also lower the price of sale if we propose exchanges with games or consoles in your possession.

Take a game for rent

Buy a video game is not the only possible solution. We can also think about renting the game we are interested in for a short period. Of course, true collectors will not be happy with this solution, but the savings will be significant. There are also services that allow you to rent video games directly online.


There are several applications, even for Android smartphones and iPhones, that act as accumulators of various old and vintage titles: we can replay that video game we loved when we were kids, like Medievil or Spyro. Most of the apps are totally free and also offer a graphical review of the game or the plot and characters.


If we are fans of PC games, one of the most popular platforms to buy and download used games is Steam. There are also other similar services, and almost all of them offer mainly old computer games, although sometimes you can also find titles for consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation.