7 things to do when buying a new iPhone

If you are buying an iPhone for the first time you need to take some simple steps to get the most out of the features of the smartphone

After years spent with an Android smartphone you decided to take the plunge and bought an iPhone. Well, you should know that in order to make the best use of the Apple phone there are some small actions to be taken.

For those accustomed to using the Android operating system, the transition to iOS may represent a small revolution. But in general using an Apple phone is not as difficult as many believe. The user interface of the two operating systems, although with some substantial differences, are very similar, and the transition from Android to iOS, also for this reason, should not be complicated. In order to use the new iPhone at its best, it is necessary that after the first start-up you focus on carrying out simple steps such as creating an Apple ID or installing iTunes.

Creating an Apple ID

First, there is a fundamental step to take: creating an Apple ID. This is needed to use most of the main services like App Store or iTunes. It's nothing complicated, it's simply a matter of creating a free account. We'll also use it for iCloud, iMessage and services such as FaceTime or Find My iPhone (the useful application to find the smartphone when we lose it).


The second fundamental step is to install iTunes on our computer. If we have a Mac no problem, the software is already installed by default. If we have a Windows computer, we just need to download it for free from the Store. The multimedia library of Apple is not only used to add and manage our music, but on the desktop we can also use it to store and use videos, photos and applications.


Once created the Apple ID on the iPhone and installed iTunes on the computer we just have to synchronize the two devices. The first configuration will be done via USB, while all future actions can be managed directly from the home Wi-Fi connection. This is the best way to manage photos, videos, music and ebooks and avoid making the Apple smartphone too heavy.


After having completed the first steps, it's time to associate the iCloud service to our account.The service offers the possibility of backing up data on Apple's servers and freeing up some space on the iPhone's memory.


This is a tip that applies both to users who bought an iPhone with a fingerprint reader and to all those who have a phone with a biometric sensor. Let's register our fingerprint right away. This system will increase the security of our phone. Let's sync this feature not only with unlocking the screen but also with opening certain apps. From the work email to the bank app, passing through Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

About Apple Pay, if we have an iPhone 6 or higher the advice is to take advantage of this service for wireless payments. This system never shares our card numbers during transitions with merchants. This makes it impossible for malicious people to steal our data or clone the credit card. Unfortunately, in Italy it has just arrived and still some banks and stores don't support this system.

The Apps

On our iPhone we will find many applications developed directly by Apple, but for some particular function it will be necessary to download it from the online store. Downloading apps on iPhone works pretty much the same way as Google Play. Although there are far fewer free apps on iOS than on Android, and at the same time far fewer apps with malware.