7 tricks for Instagram that you don’t know

Did you know that you can turn off comments or create albums of all the posts published by other contacts? Here are some tricks for Instagram

They are part of our lives, so much so that we spend several hours a day between posts, videos and images. We're talking about social networks: between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, much of our lives have moved online. Among social networks, one of the most used is definitely Instagram. The platform owned by Facebook, which over the years has been enriched with many features, hides many tricks.

Tricks that not everyone knows. Yet, they've always been there, ready to be discovered and used to improve your Instagram experience. Did you know, for example, that you can save posts published by other contacts in collections to view at any time? Or with a simple click, without losing entire days to comb through the various pages of the platform, you can check the content to which we have issued our "Like". And that's not all. Very useful is the feature that allows you to hide (and not delete), the posts that in some way could embarrass us.

In short, there are many tricks on Instagram. We will consider the main ones, explaining how to put them into practice.

How to create personal albums on Instagram

Let's start with the "secret" features introduced above. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we need to read the post published on Instagram by one of our friends. If the content is a bit outdated, we might have some difficulty finding it easily. In such cases, it would be more convenient to save it in a kind of personal album. How to do it? If you look carefully, under the photo you want to archive there is a bookmark icon: click on the symbol and then on "Save to Collection". At this point all you have to do is choose whether to create a new one or save the post in an existing "gallery". That's it.

Check the photos you have "liked"

The second trick, anticipated above, is the one that allows you to view all our "Like" posts. Do you know the symbol of the stylized little man in the bottom right? Press it and enter in your profile. Now, click on the menu button at the top right (the icon in the shape of three vertical dots). Finally, scroll down until you find the "Posts you like" option and you're done.

How to archive images on Instagram

Socials are the mirror of our lives. Sometimes they are used by employers to know more about us. It is good to protect one's reputation. And Instagram provides a feature that allows you to store, as seen, all that we would like not to be seen by everyone. In your profile locate the photo that you would like to hide. Then, press the menu button (it is the symbol with the three dots arranged horizontally) and click on "Archive". The image will disappear from your profile, but it will not be deleted. If you want to bring it "back to life", just click on the menu button and then on "Show in profile".

Open another account

On Instagram you can associate other accounts to your main profile. The Facebook platform allows, in fact, to control up to a maximum of 5 accounts. To open a new account, and link it to the main one, simply enter your profile once again. Next, press on the menu button, which will take you to the "Options" section. From here, finally, just select the "Add Account" item and enter the credentials of your personal account to open a new one. To switch from one account to another is very simple: you do not need to make any logout, but still go to the User Profile and click on the username.

Disable comments

It often happens to be inundated with negative and especially offensive comments on Instagram. The platform allows you to block haters, deactivating messages to posts at any time. Always click on the menu button, which you will find at the top right of the image. Now, all you have to do is activate the "Disable comments" item to enable the feature.

Multiple Sharing

Of the various tricks, probably multiple sharing of an image is the most well-known and used one. The feature allows you to publish an Instagram post to other social networks as well. The important thing is that other platforms are connected to the Instagram account. To make the various "associations" it is sufficient to enter the personal profile, click on the menu in the shape of three vertical dots and finally select "Linked accounts". At this point all you have to do is choose the social to be joined to Instagram and enter the login credentials.

Save pictures and videos on your smartphone

If you want, you can also save pictures and videos posted on Instagram on your smartphone. Access the settings menu of your profile by pressing on the icon in the shape of three vertical dots, which you will find at the top right, and scroll until you come across the "Settings" section. Finally, check that the "Save original photos" and "Save videos after publishing" items are active.