7 Windows 10 features that protect your business

From the tool you need to encrypt your hard drive, to the system that blocks malicious content downloads: here are some of the most important security features

Most businesses use computers that run on Windows. Because of the sensitive and valuable information contained in PCs, businesses are the main target of hackers. Windows 10 offers 7 features that can protect the cybersecurity of companies.

Since always Microsoft tries to make its operating system as secure as possible. A necessary effort also because of the worrying growth of cyber attacks. The company founded by Bill Gates periodically releases updates, some of which are precisely targeted to improve the OS security. With Windows 10, Microsoft has taken a step further in the fight against hackers, optimizing the protection systems against malware and viruses. In particular, there are, as anticipated, features, which every company that uses Windows 10 should absolutely know about. Here are which ones.

Windows Defender Smart Screen

Windows Defender Smart Screen is a very useful tool to protect your company. As it is known, PCs can be infected by malware contained on certain websites. The feature present in Windows 10 works by informing users that the website they are about to open is potentially dangerous: it could, for example, contain malware or be a phishing site. The system bases its "warnings" on previously collected alerts. In addition, Windows Defender Smart Screen protects businesses by blocking the download of malicious files.

Windows Defender Application Guard

Windows Defender Application Guard is a protection system for Microsoft Edge, the Redmond-based company's browser. Windows Defender Application Guard, makes use of a technology called Hyper-V. The tool works by isolating the browser from the rest of the machine, thus protecting the PC from a possible cyber threat.

Windows Defender Credential Guard

Based on virtualization, Windows Defender Credential Guard is a feature that serves to protect Windows credentials from hacker attacks.

Windows Defender Device Guard

Like the previous feature, Windows Defender Device Guard always makes use of virtualization. Normally, a program is blocked only after it is found to be malicious by antivirus analysis. Windows Defender Device Guard, on the other hand, only works with applications that are trusted by the company.

Windows Defender Exploit Guard

Another tool, also belonging to the Defender "family", is Exploit Guard, a tool that allows you to protect your company network.

User Account Control

A very good technique to defend your company from malware and viruses is to use the feature known as User Account Control. It is a protection system that prevents unauthorized users from installing programs and applications or making significant changes to Windows 10. This way, if someone who does not have administrator privileges tries to download a malicious program, User Account Control will kick in and block the user's operation.


Bitlocker is a tool to encrypt the data on your PC. The system allows you to encrypt one of the partitions of the Windows hard disk in full. With Bitlocker you can protect the files contained in the device from unauthorized access. Also, the feature is very useful in case your computer is stolen or lost.