8 answers to the most common questions about WhatsApp

Can I send a message without entering my number? Or: can I be spied on? Here are the answers to the most common questions among WhatsApp users

WhatsApp is a convenient and fast service. The messaging app allows us to converse, send videos, documents, photos and even make calls to friends and relatives scattered all over the world. With the passage of time, the application has been updated several times. Some of you may be wondering: what can I do and what can't I do with my account?

Many of you are wondering: if I take a screenshot of the conversation, will the person I'm chatting with know about it? The answer is no. To tell the truth, WhatsApp is thinking of including a feature to alert users if someone takes a screenshot of the conversation, inspired by the same service already present on Snapchat. But for the moment the developers have not included this possibility and therefore we will not know if someone has saved the image of our sent messages. In many to protect privacy use a different number for WhatsApp. This is not a bad idea. Remember that our number will be visible to all those who have saved it in the address book. In short, if we do not want to be disturbed by everyone and we have a dual sim phone, we can think of using a dedicated number for WhatsApp.

How to defend against hackers

Sometimes WhatsApp is targeted by cyber criminals. And many users must be wondering: how can I do to protect my account? First, we need to make it possible to display our profile picture only to users saved in the address book. This way if an attacker retrieves our number he will not be able to download our picture for his illegal actions. At this point the next question is: can I be spied on via WhatsApp? The answer is unfortunately yes. On the iPhone it is very difficult but on Android there are applications that can spy on other people's WhatsApp conversations. That's why we must always be careful about the permissions required by the apps we download. Some of them could be used to spy on us.

Manage Photos

If we use groups, photos and videos could quickly clog our phone memory. At the same time, it's a waste of time to have to delete all open media in all groups. For this we can use apps like Siftr Magic Cleaner. In this way, with just a few clicks we will clean up the incoming media on our WhatsApp account.

Send anonymous messages

Those who love anonymity will have asked themselves at least once: can I send a message to a number on WhatsApp without entering my contact? The answer is yes. Obviously, in order to do this we'll have to use a third-party application. These exist almost exclusively on Android. One of the most intuitive is Click2Chat. In addition, on WhatsApp it is also possible to include a person in one of our groups without having to add him to the address book. To do this, all you have to do is invite the contact into the group via SMS, email or link.

You can use multiple accounts on the same phone

If we use some smartphones we will find the dual app function. This is great for using the same app with two or more different accounts. And this also applies to WhatsApp. If we don't have dual apps we can always download Parallel Space to perform the same functions. It's an Android app that allows you to use multiple accounts on the same app.