8 tricks to save the battery of an Android smartphone

Getting to the end of the day with your Android smartphone battery still charged is very complicated: here are some tips

One of the most important aspects of an Android smartphone nowadays is battery life. Games, apps, maps and social are likely to leave us in the middle of the day with the phone almost drained. So let's see what tricks we can use to extend the battery life of our Android smartphone

The first tip is represented by a technology available on all Android smartphones with version equal to or higher than Marshmallow. It's called Doze and closes all applications when the phone is not in use. When we don't use the smartphone, in fact, some apps remain active and can drain the battery by 12 or 15% depending on the model we own. With Doze the consumption will be drastically reduced up to 5 or 3%. To activate this feature we have to go to Settings, then to the Battery item, then from the menu select the Battery Optimization item and select all the apps to be turned off. Let's make sure the commands are taken and that's it.

AMOLED Screens

If we own a smartphone with an AMOLED screen we can decide to use some dark themes, present by default, which consume less battery power than brighter and brighter ones. In a certain phase of Marshmallow development this feature was activated on all Android smartphones, but now not all models have it.

Adaptive Brightness

In most of the latest smartphones you can find a setting, present by default, called Adaptive Brightness. This function acts in a very simple way: thanks to a sensor detects the light in the room, or the sun if we are outdoors, and adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly. However, this function has a flaw: it doesn't help battery life. The advice is to turn on the manual brightness and choose, when possible without straining the eyes, to lower the brightness to save battery.

Screen time-out

Using a screen time-out too long will halve even half an hour a day our battery life. In fact, we often open the phone and use it for 20-30 seconds. To quickly reply to a message or to check a notification or even just the time. For the rest of the time, however, the smartphone remains on unnecessarily. The advice, therefore, is to set a very short time regarding the shutdown of the screen. But remember to change the setting if you have to read a long document, otherwise you will have to turn on the screen every time using your fingerprint or PIN.


Is having the tactile vibration based on the touches of the headboard really a necessary feature? The answer is no. Disabling this feature will significantly lengthen the battery life of our Android smartphone. To do this we go to Settings, then under Sounds and Notifications, then we'll see an entry that tells us whether or not to enable touch vibration. And that's it.


Disabling notifications on the lock screen can be a good thought in terms of cyber security. But opening the screen every time will greatly reduce your battery life. If what we care about is battery life, and not privacy, then let's set notifications on the lock screen. In most phones they are also already set by default. During the night or at work we can also set the phone in Do Not Disturb mode. In this way not only we won't be woken up or disturbed by notifications but we'll also save a lot of battery. On the other hand, it is always advisable to disable NFC, Bluetooth and data connection services when they are not in use in order to save a lot more battery.

Avoid too many widgets

Widgets are handy you know. They help us find our favorite apps easily. But they also have a big impact on your smartphone's total battery life. Unless you're a fan of app shortcuts, you might want to think about getting rid of them to save your Android smartphone's battery power

Manual Updates

Automatic Updates are a very handy feature. We won't have to check for updates every time and set them manually. But it's also a decision that consumes a lot of data (if we haven't enabled Wi-Fi-only downloads) and reduces battery life. We decide when to update the various apps and avoid doing it all at once. The battery will thank us.